0X800f0906 Error Windows 10 (.NET Framework Installation Error Fix)

.NET Framework is a work of tool, advanced via Microsoft, which supplies numerous core options to the Windows platform.

Any packages advanced in “.NET” have the good thing about a variety of various upgrades, options and libraries which aren’t to be had with out the package deal.

The tradeoff is that so as to get the packages running in your gadget, you want to have.NET put in and working. This error has a tendency to turn while you try to set up the three.five model of it.

The repair – in line with Microsoft – is to if truth be told carry out a core replace of the Windows OS from an ISO record. This is not a significant factor however there also are numerous different steps you’ll take too.


The error usually displays with the next message:

Error: 0x800f0906

The supply information may now not be downloaded.


Error code: 0x800F0906

The reason behind the issue is that the “Windows Image” is corrupt.

This implies that positive information, settings and choices throughout the Windows OS may not be running correctly, main the mistake to look.

The resolution is a mix of updating Windows and making sure that there are not any core mistakes with its settings and so on.



The “SFC” (System File Checker) + “DISM” (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) packages are same old parts of the Windows ecosystem.

Whilst they’re extremely efficient, they are now not that excellent at solving the 0x800f0906 error sadly.

Nonetheless, they’re the least intrusive strategy to paintings against an answer, and thus want to a minimum of be tried prior to doing any further heavy-lifting.

  • Press “Windows” + “S” keys on keyboard
  • This will convey up the “seek” field, into which you must kind “CMD”
  • From the checklist that looks, right-click “Command Prompt” along with your mouse and select “Run as Administrator”

When it so much, kind the next:

  • “SFC /scannow”
  • This will run for a while – and then it’ll display the “effects” of the growth (it must be ok)
  • Once entire, kind “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth”
  • This will carry out any other scan – let it run after which finally it must show off the consequences for you
  • Restart your PC

The level of that is to scrub up any of the “gadget” information that can be provide in your gadget.

Windows has numerous “gadget information” that are required to stay it working as easily as conceivable. Both SFC + DISM are ready to mend the vast majority of those issues, however now not all.

It’s extremely most likely that the 0x800f0906 error may not be resolved with this step by myself.

2. Internet Connectivity

The subsequent step is to test Internet connectivity.

This may sound trivial, however it is incessantly the case that numerous programs could have particular problems with the way in which their Internet is attached.

If you wish to have to be sure that your pc is in a position to obtain the best information / updates, you want to make certain that the Internet is totally running:

  • Load up your most well-liked internet browser
  • Try connecting to the “Windows Update” site

If the relationship works in a browser, you can want to check out it from CMD:

  • Press “Windows” + “S” keys in your keyboard
  • In the “seek” field that looks, kind “CMD”
  • Right-click the listings and make a selection “Run As Administrator”
  • Type: “ping replace. Microsoft. com” (with out areas)
  • If the ping is a success, it must be ok

3. Group Policy Settings

If the above does now not paintings, you can want to make certain your person account has the right kind permissions to if truth be told obtain quite a lot of updates (reminiscent of.NET).

  • Press “Windows” + “S” keys in your keyboard
  • In the “Search” field, kind “Group Policy” and click on at the “Edit Group Policy” checklist which seems

In the applet which so much, do the next:

  • Select “Computer Configuration” from the left sidebar
  • Select “Administrative Templates” + “Systems”
  • From the checklist that looks, make a selection “Specify settings for not obligatory part set up and part restore”
  • Select “Enabled” from the left settings menu
  • Click “OK”
  • Try putting in.NET once more

If this doesn’t paintings, it’s most likely that the “supply” for the set up is corrupt or broken. To clear up this, we will be able to use the Windows set up medium.

4. Windows Installation Medium

Lastly, you wish to have to check out the use of the Windows Installation Medium to create a suite of latest information which any.NET set up is in a position to use.

This is a not unusual apply, and can also be completed the use of the next steps:

  • Search for “Windows Media Creation Tool”
  • Click at the first Microsoft web page that looks
  • Click the “Download Tool Now” button
  • Save the record for your exhausting power & load it up
  • Select “Create ISO”
  • Follow the stairs to create an ISO (which you must then double-click to “mount”)

Once the ISO is fastened, you’ll then have the ability to reference its information as required.

To do that successfully, you are able to use the 3rd step – except for, this time you are able to arrange the “supply” to incorporate the set up information that your gadget would possibly want.

You can do that the use of the next:

  • Follow the “Group Policy Settings” steps in step 3
  • Before clicking “OK”, enter “[[ISO drive path]]/resources/sxs” into the “Alternate supply record trail” field
  • Run “gpupdate /drive”
  • Add the.NET characteristic
  • Restart your PC

If the above don’t paintings, it suggests you’ve gotten a deeper factor inside of Windows.

To get to the bottom of this, you can both want to communicate to any individual with direct get entry to for your gadget, or people who find themselves ready to categorize the mistake for you. Obviously, an Internet article can’t do this.