All About Verizon FiOS Over POTS

Verizon FiOS, now and again merely FiOS (pronounced fie-ohss – fie as in Wi-Fi and ohss as in lactose), which stands for “Fiber Optic Service,” is an Internet, phone, and TV provider this is right now presented in some spaces of the United States by means of Verizon.

Verizon has attracted shopper and media consideration within the house of broadband Internet get entry to as the primary main U.S. provider to supply the sort of provider (fiber to the house/premise). In their unexpectedly increasing protection spaces, FiOS supplies phone, Internet and virtual video services and products to the subscriber’s premises. Some spaces would not have provider because of franchise agreements, and a few can simplest obtain the Internet get entry to, additionally because of franchising. Other provider suppliers (e.g. cable) have fiber optics, however they just have fiber from station to station, to not the house/premise.

Verizon additionally provides analog provider, or POTS (i.e. undeniable outdated phone provider), over FiOS. This would imply that the ultimate connection of POTS which is copper, is changed by means of a virtual sign. FiOS telephone isn’t VoIP, it’s nonetheless POTS. The copper telephone traces on the location hook up with the ONT, which supplies dial tone, similar to a copper connection. FiOS “hooks up” with telephone traces, however does now not require a VoIP adapter. The commonplace fashion optical community terminals have 2 or four analog telephone jacks.

Power Outages May Affect Reliability

Standard copper telephone traces raise a low-voltage electric rate that sustains phone provider within the match of an influence outage. Due to the character of fiber-optic era, any voltage to be had at the telephone line would need to be sourced on-site on the buyer’s premises. This implies that if there is not any electrical energy on the premises, phone provider might be interrupted.

This is also a subject matter for websites that have prolonged energy outages that rely on analog telephone traces for far flung tracking, alarm techniques, and/or emergency calls. Verizon supplies a chargeable battery backup unit unfastened with set up of the provider. Older gadgets permit for four hours of energy to the optical community terminal right through an influence outage, whilst more moderen gadgets put in as of 2008 permit for eight hours.

Verizon May Monopolize Copper After FiOS is Installed

Verizon claims not to do anything else that will impact or disable the pre-existing copper traces that carried telephone provider or DSL, even though the professional corporate coverage is that consumers can not retreat again to copper provider with out upper degree control approval.

However, there have in reality been experiences in quite a lot of markets that Verizon has bodily de-installed the copper traces (or the Network interface software, important for copper-line telephone provider) on the time that FiOS was once put in, successfully casting off any “trail of retreat” to copper based totally services and products. Verizon is needed by means of regulation to proportion copper media with competing provider suppliers, however no such requirement exists for fiber media.

Delays in Making the Switch to FiOS over POTS

When you’re making this sort of a transfer, the copper traces need to be disconnected 24 hours in some or all circumstances, sooner than the quantity may also be moved to FIOS. The goal is so they can construct the numbers into the FIOS database and identify the FIOS apparatus designation on web site. Once that is finished, they ship a tech out to glue the traces as much as the assigned ONT/s.