Carcassonne Strategy Guide

Carcassonne is among the hottest board video games because it used to be first revealed again in 2000 and could also be well-known for introducing meeples to the board recreation international. Since then many expansions were revealed and a World Championship has been established since 2006, held once a year at SPIEL in Essen, Germany. Whether you might be getting ready for a event or simply need to enhance your abilities in Carcassonne, this technique information is for you, based totally by myself enjoying revel in.

The recreation is performed through 2 to five gamers and whilst with 2 gamers technique performs a larger position than good fortune, with extra gamers, issues start to get out of keep watch over and good fortune turns out to take the higher hand. Or now not? In the next information I will be able to analyze some basic facets of the sport first after which provide you with some recommendation about 2-player video games and video games with 3-Five gamers one at a time.

General Strategy

Carcassonne is composed of 72 land tiles which would possibly come with fields, towns, roads and cloisters. The maximum essential factor within the recreation and what you will have to first do if you wish to enhance your recreation is to be informed precisely what those tiles are and extra importantly what number of tiles exist of each and every sort. Knowing whether or not a particular piece exists and if it does, what number of copies of it there are, is the ability you might have of controlling the sport and reducing the component of good fortune. For instance if you recognize you’ll position a tile close to an opponent’s unfinished town that may make it tough for him to finish his town (as a result of he’s going to want a tile of a particular configuration and you recognize there don’t seem to be a lot of them left) and even not possible (if there’s no tile that fits his wishes) then that may be a very precious knowledge which you will have to employ.


You have simplest seven fans. You will have to all the time watch out to have no less than one follower loose to put for “rapid” issues, which is issues received through putting a follower, straight away gaining some issues and taking him again. An instance of which can be 2-tile towns or roads already closed on one finish. Instant issues would possibly not appear essential however you are going to be shocked whilst you calculate what number of such issues you’ll acquire in each and every fit. If you put your whole fans with small chance to get one again quickly and there are nonetheless many tiles to be positioned, you are going to have a large drawback as you are going to now not be capable of win rapid issues and react typically to anything else your combatants do. Towards the tip of the sport, remember to position that ultimate follower in the most efficient imaginable means, e.g in a farm with no less than one town, or an already evolved loose town or highway.

Fields: Investing early or now not

Fields are a large deal in Carcassonne and will convey an enormous quantity of issues on the finish of the sport. Some favor to put fans in fields early on within the recreation, even from the primary flip, however that includes numerous possibility particularly in video games with greater than 2 gamers the place you wouldn’t have a lot keep watch over of the place new towns are created. When putting fans in fields, it is a everlasting selection as a result of you’ll’t take them again until the tip of the sport so when you make investments too early on fields you will have to make certain it’s value it. If you put early farmers your combatants will indubitably attempt to scale back their price through beginning towns in different fields or construct giant towns. In a 2-player recreation, early farmers will likely be extra precious as a result of you’ll lead them to winning through development many small towns for your fields. With extra gamers you are going to now not have a lot keep watch over in your box’s building and this technique isn’t so excellent. In relation to the former paragraph, putting farmers has all to do with excellent follower’s control. By putting many farmers within the early-middle recreation, you might have only some left for scoring towns, roads and cloisters and if a few of them get trapped then you might have even much less. On the opposite hand, putting farmers against the tip of the sport is more difficult, particularly with many gamers since you would possibly not have sufficient time to glue them to the larger fields which is your objective. Having wisdom of what number of tiles exist of each and every sort will let you so much to calculate what your chances are high that to glue a box to a larger one.


In basic you should not make investments an excessive amount of in roads as a result of they do not ranking giant. Having as much as one follower on a highway is the standard technique to move in addition to aiming to attain rapid issues through putting fans in tiles with crossroads with a highway already closed on one finish. If you notice that an opponent deploys an extended highway you will have to attempt to proportion it with him and even scouse borrow it when you get the danger.

But there may be much more in roads than simply scoring issues. Actually their significance lies now not in scoring however in those different makes use of. First of all, tiles with roads on them is your primary weapon in an effort to make it tough and even not possible for any individual to finish his town/cloister. By putting your highway tile adjoining to an area that your combatants wishes to finish or develop a town, you power him to discover a tile with a particular configuration in an effort to entire his town, which, particularly in video games with many gamers, will likely be laborious. Take a have a look at the next instance:

Another use of roads, particularly within the early levels of the sport, is to make use of them to encircle an opponent’s box so it does not develop sufficient to incorporate many towns.

Cities: Big or small

Cities is your primary means of scoring issues.

When to move for small towns:

  • If you intend to keep watch over a box you will have to all the time attempt to construct as many small towns as you’ll in it.
  • In video games with many combatants it is preferrable to move for small towns as a result of larger ones will draw in your combatants and they are going to attempt to proportion them with you, scouse borrow them or be certain that they do not get finished and lure your fans. Of direction you will have to do the similar when you see any individual looking to ranking a large town.

When to move for giant towns:

When in a 2-player recreation your opponent is going early for fields. By making an investment in giant towns you are going to lower the worth of your opponent’s farmers.


Cloisters is otherwise to attain issues. You will have to attempt to position them the place it’ll be more straightforward for them to be finished (areas with many tiles already round them). It’s essential that you simply attempt to end your cloisters once you’ll as a result of if you do not, your combatants would possibly attempt to lure your follower. Towards the center/past due recreation when you have one or two fans it is preferrable that you do not position them on cloisters except they may be able to be finished in no time or you’ll take every other follower again quickly sufficient as a result of you are going to most probably have a greater use for them e.g. looking to keep watch over a box or ranking rapid issues.

In basic upon drawing a tile you’ll have to ask your self the next questions:

  1. Can I exploit the tile to broaden or shut my town, highway or cloister?
  2. Can I exploit the tile to achieve rapid issues from a town/highway?
  3. Can I exploit the tile to dam an opponent’s town/highway/cloister or make it tough for him to complete it?
  4. Can I exploit the tile to power an opponent to proportion his town/highway?
  5. If it is a highway tile, can I exploit it to enclose an opponent’s box, mitigating his farmer’s price (particularly early within the recreation)?

If a couple of selection is to be had, which is able to normally be the case, the correct selection relies on the precise state of affairs. For instance in case you are brief in fans, taking one again will have to be a concern differently trapping an opponent’s follower, if you’ll, will likely be a very good selection and primary precedence.

Tips for 2-player video games

A 2-player recreation is extra strategic and does not depend such a lot in good fortune. Blocking performs a smaller position as a result of our opponent will draw many tiles and in the end to find the tile he’s on the lookout for, then again it may well sluggish him down. Towards the tip of the sport when there are few tiles to attract, blockading can develop into simpler and fans may also be trapped extra simply.

Strategy 1:

You can make investments early on a box after which construct many small towns in it. Small towns provides you with simple,rapid issues and fields will ranking you giant on the finish. Your opponent will attempt to save you your box from rising through encircling it with roads so that you will have to direct those roads correctly and construct cloisters with a highway, when you get the danger (there are simplest 2), within the box in order that additional building is secured. By making an investment early on farmers you are going to have much less to be had fans so that you will have to position them moderately and steer clear of getting trapped. You will even have a decreased skill of sharing or stealing out of your opponent so that you will have to simplest attempt to proportion their giant towns and roads.

Strategy 2:

Another technique is to move for giant towns and past due farmers. Your opponent will attempt to proportion or scouse borrow your towns and so that you will have to be very cautious when creating your town. Expand against the facet with the least tiles to steer clear of blockading and sharing.

Place farmers in the midst of the sport the place you obviously see fields with many towns being evolved. If your opponent is going for early farmers construct your towns in different fields and take a look at to take a look at to encircle their fields with roads. Trapping fans of a participant with many farmers positioned, decreased his choices so much as he’s going to have only a few fans to be had.

Tips for 3-Five participant video games

The extra the gamers of Carcassonne, the fewer tiles each and every participant attracts and in consequence the larger position good fortune performs within the recreation. While in a 2-player recreation each and every participant attracts 35-36 tiles, in a 3-player they draw 23-24, in a 4 participant 17-18 and in a Five participant simplest 14-15. In video games with many combatants you will have to ideally opt for small towns and rapid issues, making an investment as time is going through extra in farmers the place you notice fields with many towns being evolved. Big towns will in the end be blocked or you are going to be compelled to proportion them. If you might have the danger, attempt to make your combatants proportion their roads/towns with you. Remember that what issues probably the most isn’t absolutely the quantity of issues you ranking however the relative one, evaluating to different gamers. So if, theoritically talking, you proportion with all gamers and they do not you are going to get extra issues than them through the tip of the sport. Try to proportion with the participant that has the fewest issues. If you can’t power an opponent to proportion his town, attempt to ensure that the town by no means will get completed and lure the fans within it, aiming particularly to the participant who’s extra complex within the ranking monitor. Best tiles that can be utilized this fashion are tiles with roads. In basic, if any individual is forward within the ranking monitor, attempt to make all different gamers proportion with you in addition to lure his fans, in order that you acquire extra issues relative to him. In my opinion it’s higher to take a look at to lure your combatants’ fans in towns quite than attempt to lead them to proportion as a result of this fashion they are going to lose their follower and when you arrange to proportion there’s a probability, particularly in a multiplayer recreation, {that a} 3rd participant who does not declare the town, will attempt to make it unfinishable and lure the two contending gamers’ fans. That is lovely devastating within the case you might have invested 2 or Three fans to the reason.

I’m hoping that this small information will let you recuperate in Carcassonne. Feel loose to proportion every other concepts you might have in regards to the recreation’s technique or remark my concepts. This information will likely be up to date now and again with any new ideas that I would possibly get a hold of one day.

A useful checklist of all tiles and their frequency within the recreation may also be discovered here.