ClickBank Direct Link to Checkout Page

Have you ever questioned how one can direct possible patrons to the order web page or checkout web page of the associate product you might be selling, bypassing the gross sales web page of the seller? There are two ways in which I do know of to perform this. I will be able to provide an explanation for about either one of them alongside the way in which.

Here is how you’ll do it.

The first step is beautiful instantly ahead. First you wish to have to visit a dealer’s gross sales web page and duplicate their order hyperlink. It will have to glance one thing like this: To ship your guests immediately to the order web page and get fee for the sale, trade the hyperlink so it might appear to be this: “”, and that is the reason it. It is that easy.

However, there’s a problem with this system. ClickBank prioritizes the traditional way. When a customer clicks the traditional hyperlink of an associate marketer, and will get despatched to the seller’s gross sales web page, a cookie is about within the customer’s browser with the associate entrepreneurs ID. However if the customer determined now not to shop for the product, and is derived throughout your gross sales web page and was once bought by way of it, and makes a decision to shop for the product, in the course of the direct hyperlink to the order web page, you are going to now not get the fee however the earlier associate marketer. Why? It is as a result of the cookie that was once set within the customer’s browser. Meaning that this tradition hyperlink is not going to set or override a cookie within the customer’s browser. Hence you are going to lose gross sales when this occurs.

Yet, there may be some other way and this is how one can do it: “clickbank.internet/promote.cgi?yourID_vendorID/ProductNumber/ProductName”

yourID is your ClickBank ID and vendorID is the seller’s ClickBank ID. To get the ProductNumber, move to the seller’s gross sales web page and duplicate the order hyperlink. The product quantity is the quantity in entrance of the hyperlink, as an example “” on this case the product quantity is 1. As for the ProductName, click on onto the order hyperlink, and you are going to be directed to the checkout web page. You will in finding the identify subsequent to the cost of the product.

You will wish to take a look at the hyperlink after you created it to ensure it really works accurately. Once you get to the checkout web page, scroll to the very backside of the web page and ensure your associate ID presentations up. This is how you’ll know in case your hyperlink works accurately and that it is in a position to monitor you because the associate referrer.

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