Create Profitable Information Products From Freely Available Public Domain Works

Author Yanik Silver describes an exhilarating technique to create content material on your data product that I had now not idea a lot about till studying his e book, Moonlighting at the Internet: 5 World-Class Experts Reveal Proven Ways to Make Extra Cash. He recommends benefiting from data within the Public Domain, this is, data this is loose to make use of in any shape with out someone forbidding it with a copyright.

(Check with a legal professional to substantiate the copyright standing of any product making a decision to make use of – particularly when you plan to earn money from it. Copyright legislation varies in each and every nation, so check your regulations when you reside out of doors the United States).

He describes how he created merchandise he sells for 1000’s of greenbacks monthly from data within the public area. Where did he in finding this knowledge and the way used to be he certain what he used used to be now not copyrighted? To resolution that query we need to perceive present U.S. Copyright legislation. Here is what’s to be had with out copoyright:

  1. Facts, figures, concepts, titles, and so forth. – Works granted or donated to the general public area. Some copyright holders explicitly donate their paintings to the general public area. Yanik cites the instance of P.T. Barnum’s autobiography that the creator donated to the general public area when he wrote it.
  2. Work of the U.S. govt or brokers. Nearly all Federal works are within the public area and a few state publications also are. There is a large number of helpful data available in the market that can be utilized, as an example:
    • get entry
  3. Formerly copyrighted works that experience fallen into public area for various causes. There is a large number of further details about this at Cornell’s Copyright Center.

Once a piece is within the public area, you’ll be able to use it any means you need. Here are many ways:

  1. Re-title the paintings
  2. Cut/paste portions of it
  3. Use one bankruptcy and insert it into your data product
  4. use the information and reword it

If you’re making important changes to it, you’ll be able to additionally re-copyright it. How’s that for a really perfect concept for growing your individual data product to become profitable?