Deep Indexing – Squidoo and Search Engine Indexing

Deep linking to reach deep indexing has turn out to be an obsession with search engine marketing mavens and inexperienced persons. Just do a Google seek at the time period, “deep indexing” and you’re going to see the power this is going into this house of search engine marketing.

To succeed in deep indexing, associate entrepreneurs are developing a couple of “interior website online maps”, filing a couple of pages to search engines like google, including a “widespread put up class” to their blogs …and so it is going on.

Well the nice information for Squidoo lensmasters is that Google routinely deep indexes Squidoo lenses.

I discovered this out by way of gazing the day-to-day stats of each and every of my Squidoo lenses over quite a lot of weeks. The wonderful revelation is how deeply Google indexes my lenses, in order that I now not handiest obtain guests who seek on my number one key phrase however now I get guests who seek at the very unlikely “lengthy tail key phrases”.

I do know for a undeniable fact that Google is indexing all my Squidoo module headings, textual content inside modules, video titles within the YouTube modules and hyperlinks in hyperlink/checklist modules.

Here is a pattern of probably the most lengthy tail key phrases that searchers have utilized in Google, MSN and Yahoo to search out my lenses:

* growing advertising methods for upper training

* firms to receives a commission for filing footage

* squid – marketplace technique in 2008

* moss on rainforest ground

* dreamtime tale about how the sector used to be created

* viral limitless social advertising movies

* associate site advertising step-by-step

* engagement business plan Facebook

* loose device to show my footage into film

* biome: tropical rainforest/animal survival

* Facebook private web page advertising personality

* knowledgetree simultaneous modifying

* simple to keep in mind poems about bushes

* learn how to strategise to win a tennis fit

* methods that flip your footage into cartoons

* singers that sound like Eva Cassidy

* songs to sing earlier than a tennis fit

* YouTube virtual bathtub hawaii

What you’ll be able to do is construct your Squidoo lens in some way that encourages the major search engines to deep index your lens however this is some other tale! The key’s to change the key phrases you utilize on your Squidoo lens…and this is going towards typical knowledge.