DJ Lingo – What Did That DJ Say?

I sought after to write down this a laugh article for the ones of you simply beginning to DJ, or who could also be pals with a DJ and wish to be told the lingo.


What precisely does DJ imply? DJ is brief for Disc Jockey. It’s any individual who jocks discs (vinyl data). There are various kinds of DJs, together with Club DJs, Mobile DJs (non-public events/weddings and so on), and Radio DJs. Different DJs would possibly use other ways, however it’s in most cases any individual who selects, performs and mixes song for a crowd.

Beat Matching/Mixing/Spinning/DJing

This refers back to the major meat of DJing- making the 2 songs the similar pace. This is in order that after they play the 2 songs in combination, they’re seamless. There isn’t any preventing or mish mash of beats. Speaking of mish mash…


This is when a DJ does not fairly get the beat matching proper. When the 2 songs are light into each and every different, the beats aren’t matched and it sounds terrible. Also known as sneakers within the dryer as a result of the sound.


When a DJ rinses it, it manner he did a fantastic activity. Everyone was once dancing, his mixes have been impeccable, it was once throughout superb! “Man, that DJ RINSED it ultimate evening!” It in fact originates from outdated English language, the place they used to make use of the word “A rinsing excellent time!” Rinse is maximum ceaselessly utilized in digital song circles, together with Techno, House, and Drum and Bass.


This refers back to the beats according to minute, or how briskly the music is. Just like a center charge, it’s calculated by way of counting the selection of beats according to minute. This may be very useful when figuring out if you’ll combine two songs in combination, as they need to be equivalent speeds to take action. For instance, you’ll’t combine a 80 BPM music (“American Woman” by way of Lenny Kravitz) with a 150 BPM music (Brown Eyed Girl by way of Van Morrison).


We’re now not speaking about an itchy again. This is a DJ method this is used so much in Hip Hop. It is the sound this is made when a file is moved backward and forward and the ones sounds are reduce in more than a few patterns. It takes fairly a unique talent than beat matching. They are so much like mathematical patterns put to a beat of song.


Doubles refers to when a DJ has two of the similar data/songs and is the use of them on the identical time. A DJ who’s the use of doubles is ceaselessly referred to “Rocking Doubles.” You rock doubles numerous the time when you’re…

Beat Juggling

When a DJ has doubles of a file, and alternatives a definite a part of the file to copy or layer on best of the opposite. It is used to create attention-grabbing patterns of the similar beat or word. This takes an excessively speedy hand and nice level of talent.


These are DJs focusing on scratching and/or beat juggling.


When DJs combat it is sort of a kind of exhibition the place each and every DJ has a definite period of time to turn the target market what their abilities. Turntablist battles are very talked-about.


This is a kind of song that was once popularized by way of DJ Z-Trip. It is a layering of 1 music over some other. It is maximum ceaselessly the vocals of 1 music over the beat of some other. It is ceaselessly a mish mash of genres akin to a rock beat with hip hop vocals over or vice versa.

Now that you understand the Lingo of the DJ, you’ll higher perceive DJs and what they’re speaking about! I am hoping you loved studying this text up to I did writing it!

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