Does Dwell Time Impacts SEO

Over the years, there was numerous hypothesis about Google’s score indicators. The hypothesis is as outdated as Google. What makes a website online achieve the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and any other to be buried deep within the SERP. Google has at all times been very secretive about exact mechanics of its score set of rules. But lately, Google has let the cat out of the bag.

On March 23, 2016, right through a reside move Q and A, Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, published that the No. 1 and a couple of Ranking components had been hyperlinks and content material.

Links will play a much less necessary function someday as Google begins to know herbal language higher. This is what Matt Cutts needed to say in regards to the Future of Links.

“as we recuperate at figuring out who wrote one thing and what the true which means of that content material is, inevitably over the years, there will probably be little much less emphasis on hyperlinks.”

If hyperlinks aren’t the way forward for search engine marketing, then through which path is search engine marketing heading.


One of the important thing User enjoy Metrics is Dwell time.

What is Dwell Time?

The time period Dwell time was once first discussed by way of Duane Forrester who wrote a put up “How to Build Quality Content”

Dwell time measures how lengthy it takes for a searcher to go back to a SERP after clicking on a end result. How does it affects search engine marketing? Does Google will pay shut consideration to it? Yes it does.

Regardless of many set of rules adjustments by way of Google, what has remained steadfast is Effectiveness of Content. If the Content is price studying, it stands to reason why {that a} customer will spend time for your website online. On the opposite hand, a customer leaving inside of 5-6 seconds after arriving at your website online is a positive signal that one thing is amiss. You want to work out what.

You no longer handiest want to supply compelling content material, however goal to extend customer’s reside time by way of enticing them additional.

How to Increase Dwell Time

1. Focus on Content this is related, Useful and actionable.

If you aren’t developing content material this is price studying (One paragraph content material/50 phrase content material), what do you are expecting customers to do? Stick round for lengthy for your website online? They may not.

The identical is going for identify and meta descriptions. They will have to fit the content material at the web page. Imagine a scenario the place a searcher clicks for your hyperlink in SERP because of engaging identify and meta description, handiest to seek out the web page is needless in answering his/her question. The searcher will temporarily hit the again button, sending a transparent message to Google that the content material does not meet consumer’s expectancies.

2. Interlink your content material

An efficient strategy to inspire guests to consult with extra pages is by way of interlinking, thus making it more straightforward for them to find new content material. By guiding them to different spaces of your website online, you might be discouraging them from returning to Google’s Search Engine Results Page.

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