EBay Alternatives: the Ultimate List of Free and Nearly Free Alternatives to EBay

If you don’t seem to be promoting anyplace apart from on eBay, you don’t seem to be profiting from the alternatives to be had to on-line marketers!

There are fairly a couple of on-line public sale websites, and virtually they all be offering a lot inexpensive charges, but even so being way more supplier pleasant and simple to make use of for each dealers and patrons.

Best of all a lot of them are unfastened.

Here is a abstract of eBay selection websites:


  • Final price charges vary from 8.75% to 2 greenbacks and 19 cents plus 3.5% of any quantity over 25 greenbacks.
  • To put an merchandise on eBay it is important to pay 15 cents for pieces priced 99 cents to only beneath 10 greenbacks and 4 greenbacks for pieces beginning at 5 hundred greenbacks or extra.
  • For pieces price a couple of thousand greenbacks be expecting to pay thirty six greenbacks 31 cents plus 1.50% of any quantity over a thousand greenbacks.

Free Sites:

  • AdFlyer:
  • Altec Trader:
  • Blujay:
  • Craigslist:
  • Google Base:
  • Hoobly:
  • Xoobie:

      Sites with affordable record charges:

      • Amazon: Listing charges of 10 US cents on all pieces. Once the sale is going thru be expecting to pay Amazon between 5% and 25 greenbacks 63 cents plus 1.25%.
      • Audiogon: A 4 US greenback record fee. Once you have got offered piece of prime definition audio apparatus on Audiogon be expecting to pay them 1% of the overall sale value for the honour of promoting thru their carrier.
      • Bonanzle: There are not any preliminary bills to be made to Bonanzle. Final price charges get started at 50 cents for pieces priced as much as 10 greenbacks and move as much as simplest 10 greenbacks on pieces 1000 greenbacks or extra.
      • CQout: This selection to eBay is not going to invoice you for placing your listings on its pages. Final fees vary from 5.5% to at least one.5% relying at the price of the product.
      • eBid: You can put pieces onto the pages of this eBay selection without cost. Regardless of the cost of the thing on the finish of the sale you’re going to be paying a flat 3% fee.
      • HiBidder: This is some other website online that would possibly not fee you to record. You do not wish to give a lot in the way in which of fee with a success gross sales. The injury begins at 10 cents for listings valued as much as 100 greenbacks and finishing at just one greenback, fifty cents for pieces over 10,000 greenbacks.
      • iOffer: No record charges. Once you have got effectively offered an merchandise on iOffer it is important to pay a fee between 50 cents and move as much as 40 greenbacks relying at the price of the sale. You will even wish to think about a fee of one.5% on pieces over 1500 greenbacks.
      • Liquidation: No record charges. You will wish to pay a fee of five%.
      • Oltiby: It is unfastened to record in this website online. You will wish to pay a fee of two.75%-5.25% of the overall sale value.
      • Overstock: It prices 10 cents an merchandise to begin a sale with website online bills going as much as 3 greenbacks 15 cents for merchandise 500 greenbacks and over. Once a sale is effectively finalized it is important to pay 75 cents plus 2% of the promoting value.
      • SellMyStuff: It is unfastened to place an merchandise on right here after you pay a 15 AUD surcharge for 30 days of subscription. You additionally would possibly not need to pay a fee all the way through that point.
      • Specialist Auctions: Free to record a product. Final prices are a flat 3%.
      • TradeMe: It is unfastened to put an merchandise in this website online. Final fee begins at 6.9% and move as much as 71 greenbacks 10 cents plus 1.9% on pieces over 1500 greenbacks with a most ultimate fee of 149 greenbacks.