Free Press Releases – 3 Reasons to Use Them to Market Your Freelance Writing Business

Free press releases (aka releases, PR items) are an effective way to marketplace a contract writing trade. As a contract creator since 1993, following is how and why I exploit them.

How I Use Free PR to Grow My Freelance Writing Business

Obviously, a press unencumber is designed to seize the eye of the media. But, that is not the overriding causes freelance writers will have to use them. I’ve been a contract creator since 1993, and suppose that there are 3 higher causes to make use of this type of advertising and marketing to land writing jobs.

(i) They’re Search Engine Optimized Content that Drive Traffic: Press releases are simply content material. And, any form of content material written with search engine marketing in thoughts and printed on the net can power site visitors.

You see, when engines like google move slowly a web site, they do not care if it is a unfastened PR distribution web site, a weblog, a information web site, and many others. They index content material – length. So whilst you write them, write with search engine marketing in thoughts – which can lend a hand to extend site visitors for your freelance writing website online.

FYI, those are referred to as “search engine marketing press releases.”

(ii) Use Press Releases as Writing Samples to Attract High-Paying Clients: The PR items you write can double as writing samples. With those little pals on your writing portfolio, you’ll be able to get upper paying purchasers, particularly if you know the way to jot down – and distribute – them.

For instance, my price for this sort of writing is $195. If you realize what you are doing, you’ll be able to write one in a few hours or much less. Imagine doing simply two of those an afternoon?

Not a shabby dwelling as a contract creator, proper?

(iii) Bring Prestige to Your Writing Business: Being quoted in a press unencumber offers what you are promoting status. To get essentially the most mileage out of the ones you write, publish them in a “Media” web page for your web site.

When possibilities come, they’re going to be inspired through the truth that you also have a “Media” web page.

Subconsciously, this united states of americayour price of their eyes as it pegs you as a “Professional writing company/creator” (if the whole lot else at the web site backs this affect up).

Prospective purchasers additionally be expecting to pay “prestigious execs” extra since the price you convey them is ostensibly extra (and it will have to be).

The #1 Press Release Tip to Keep in Mind When Marketing Your Freelance Writing Business

The primary factor to remember when advertising and marketing what you are promoting by the use of releases is that it isn’t about you. The media does not care about you or your writing trade.

They care about serving their audience, their readers, their shoppers. They wish to remedy issues for them, and if what you are promoting simply occurs to try this – then they’re going to have an interest. If it does not – regardless of how smartly written your press unencumber is, they would possibly not have an interest.

Keep this in thoughts as you write, and you can stand an opportunity of constructing it newsworthy (at all times the objective!) and getting the recent gentle of the media for your freelance writing business. Good success!

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