How to Attack a 2-3-2 Zone Defense in Flag Football

One of essentially the most requested questions flag soccer coaches ask is easy methods to assault a zone protection. In truth, it used to be that very query that resulted in me get started promoting my Headache Offense and Unbeatable Defense on-line greater than a decade in the past. I determined to get a hold of a collection of performs only for this newsletter to turn how simple beating a zone protection actually is.

Here is one instance of ways you’ll be able to transfer the ball vs. a 2-3-2 zone in a 7man blocking off league. All 3 of those performs assault the “bubble” beneath the Safety and between the Linebacker and Cornerback. This is an excessively susceptible a part of the zone protection.

Play #1

[Link to play diagrams found at bottom of article]

LSE – Post-corner direction with the preliminary smash at about 7 yards intensity. Be positive the submit a part of the direction objectives to the other sideline at about 20-25 yards intensity. This is essential, as you’ll be able to see within the subsequent play.

RSE – Post direction with the smash at about 5-7 yards intensity.

RWO – Square in direction at about Five yards intensity. The ball can be thrown to the “bubble” space.

Center – After an preliminary block, run a Five backyard hook direction above the LT.

QB – The reads are easy.

1) First have a look at the “bubble” and whether it is open, cross to the RWO working into it.

2) If the LB is threatening the bubble, cross to the middle. If the Safety is threatening the bubble, cross to the RSE submit on the shaded space within the diagram. Pass a bullet to him in stride.

3) If the FS strikes to lend a hand duvet the RSE, simply cross to the LSE’s post-corner.

Now what occurs if the sturdy aspect Corner follows the RWO, expecting the in direction? That brings us to the following play.

Play #2

[Link to play diagrams found at bottom of article]

LSE – Exactly like the former play’s post-corner, however with out the second one smash. Continue the submit around the box till you run out of bounds.

RSE – Run a submit precisely such as you did within the earlier play, apart from at about 12-15 yards smash outdoor to the sideline at some extent 2 or Three yards beneath your smash.

RWO – Run a sq. in like sooner than, however sooner than you get to the center of the sphere, flip round and relax within the “bubble”.

Center – Same as earlier play.

QB – Only run this play while you realize the Corner following the RWO at the sq. in.

1) Read the RWO first and ensure the Corner follows him. If he does not, cross to the RWO within the “bubble”. If he does, learn the SS.

2) If the Safety is not in place to protect the RSE’s smash outdoor, cross to him. Because the Corner vacated the outdoor zone, he will have to be open.

3) If the Safety is in tight protection with the RSE on his out smash, cross to the LSE downfield for an enormous achieve! Be positive and hit him in stride.

If the LB is within the “bubble”, cross to the Center. If the Corner retreats again to his zone sooner than you cross to the RSE, cross to the RWO within the “bubble”.

Play #3

[Link to play diagrams found at bottom of article]

Here’s in a different way to assault that very same “bubble”.

LSE – Run both a streak or a submit very similar to the only within the earlier play.

RSE – Run a 5-7 backyard hook.

RWO – Run a Five backyard hook, promote it by way of squaring your shoulders to and making eye touch with the QB. Then, briefly smash upfield in a streak.

Center – Same as earlier play.


1) Start out studying the RWO and (assuming he isn’t open) pump-faking to him at the hook.

2) Then learn the SS. If he isn’t in place to hide the “bubble”, cross to the RSE. If the SS is in place to hide it, learn the RWO streaking. The Safety learn should be very fast as you do not need very a lot time to cross to the hook-and-go.

Of route, if the LB is within the “bubble” cross to the Center. And if each the RSE and RWO are lined, cross to the LSE downfield.

As with any play set, you want to observe with each imaginable learn the QB could make so the reads change into 2d nature. That manner, he may not must “suppose”, he simply has to “react”. If you simply put a QB underneath heart with out detailed reads, you might be destined to fail. You can not be expecting a QB so to simply glance out at four or Five other receivers and in finding the open man (until, in fact, you’ve a Joe Montana for your workforce). That’s like telling a checkers participant to simply “get the king” in a recreation of chess!

But, for those who educate your QB precisely what to learn and easy methods to react, you then do not need to have an excellent sign caller, you simply wish to have one that is prepared to observe. Of route, that suggests you’ll be able to’t have too many performs otherwise you will be unable to execute them appropriately. That’s why you want to select essentially the most robust performs that may be efficient when run over and over vs. the similar workforce.

Beating a zone protection is ready technique, now not athleticism. It’s about out-thinking your opponent. Start drawing zone defenses on items of paper and looking for the weaknesses in them and brainstorm easy methods to exploit them. If you get started the usage of your mind, you’ll be able to simply dismantle any zone protection you face!

[Play diagrams may also be seen HERE]