How To Install Carpet On Stairs

There are principally two strategies of putting in carpet on stairs. One is the waterfall means the place one piece of carpet covers each and every riser and tread. The different is the cap and band set up. In this situation the cap is a work of carpet put in over the treads and the band is the piece that can duvet the risers. In this text I will be able to display you find out how to set up carpet the use of the waterfall means. These directions are for fundamental stairs and now not for spiral stairs which will require further procedures.

Tools Needed:

Tack strips

Staples or upholstery nails

Measuring Tape

Knee Pads

Knee kicker (take a look at your condo retailer)

Stair Tool (take a look at your condo retailer)

Utility knife


Safety glasses

Obviously you’ll be able to want to take away the entire outdated carpet. Get rid of the tack strips and do not attempt to use the outdated padding. Make positive any nails and staples are got rid of and sweep down the world to be carpeted.

Before you get began you are going to have to determine how a lot carpet you’ll be able to want. To calculate the width merely measure around the tread. If your stairs are open on one or each ends you should definitely measure below the nosing to the place it meets the riser and upload it to the entire width. Figure the entire period of your flight of stairs by way of measuring the tread and riser. Assuming your going to make use of carpet pad you should definitely upload a minimum of three inches according to stair. If your steps have nosing upload one foot to the entire flight size.

Okay, let’s get began. Apply the tack strip to the stair crotch location. Next you’ll be able to want to tighten the carpet by way of tucking within the crotch. You can do that by way of the use of a knee kicker. It is a device used to put in carpet in small spaces and stairs. It is composed of a work of steel tubing with a pin plate connected to it. On the opposite finish it has a padded cushion the place you’ll place your knee to use drive to the carpet. You must have the ability to in finding one at your native condo retailer. Simply position the padded finish a number of inches above your knee and upload drive.

This is the place you’ll use the knee kicker:

To connect to the tack strip you want to make use of the knee kicker to stretch the carpet directly from the middle of the tread and hook it to the tack strip positioned on the crotch. Once the carpet has been hooked to the tack strip you want to firmly connect it by way of sliding your carpet device from side to side to compress the pins. Using your application knife or carpet knife trim as wanted. A carpet knife is healthier because it has two facets and is sharper than a application knife. Repeat this procedure on each and every facet of the tread. Before going to the following tread be sure the carpet is smoothed out at the riser after which staple to the stair lip. I might suggest you staple about each 2 inches. Don’t omit to additionally staple alongside the brink of the riser.

Make positive to step again and try your paintings prior to occurring to the following tread. Is the carpet clean? Did you kick it in calmly? It may be a great time to offer your knees and again a leisure. If the whole lot appears to be like excellent the proceed onto the following tread. If now not you will have to pull the carpet off and set up it once more. Repeat this procedure till you might be completed.

Once completed stand again and respect your paintings and provides your self a pat at the again. You now have a fantastic having a look staircase.

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