How to Protect My EA Code Using Dynamic Link Library (dll) File?

It’s now not price to waste your time placing any coverage INSIDE the EA (.ex4 record) – by no means thoughts this can be a time/date coverage or it’s restricted by way of electronic mail or account quantity. As lengthy because it has complete capability and will also be decompiled, this coverage will also be got rid of and the Expert Advisor can be utilized with out permission. If the theory is to promote the knowledgeable, higher recall to mind a significant coverage.

DLL record is a significant coverage. It will also be completed in a couple of tactics. Image You have Your EA to make desicion to go into a BUY business the usage of RSI and MACD signs. If You code this throughout the EA (.ex4 record) – everybody can see how Your EA makes a decision to make a business. But if You transfer those calculations to the DLL, no code will likely be noticed within the EA. DLL record purposes will go back TRUE or FALSE so Your EA would know if it may take a business or now not. All RSI and MACD (or every other signs) calculations will likely be made within the DLL record.

When that is completed, You can both promote Your EA or upload extra coverage.

You could have Your personal database of Your customers that may have get entry to to business the EA. DLL record can attach we could say each and every five mins to Your internet website and make an authorization the usage of consumer password. This approach no person can use Your EA with out You understanding about this. If EA won’t be able to make an authorization the DLL record will refuse to make calculations and EA won’t know when to BUY or SELL the marketplace.

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