Introducing Google Concept

What is Google Concept?

Google Concept is a instrument software that mixes the Google seek engine with a mind-mapping utility.

Mind mapping, differently often referred to as idea mapping, is a technique utilized in industry, coaching and schooling to place ideas onto paper. It is regularly observed used as a method of recording brainstorming classes, challenge making plans and research.

Traditionally, such intellect mapping has been executed on turn charts or paper however increasingly more a variety of pc methods has been to be had to allow maps to be produced on a computer or desktop pc.

To take a look at, a intellect map would regularly appear to resemble a tree or a spider internet. At its middle is a central matter or thought. From this central matter, traces shoot out like branches. Each line hyperlinks a subtopic or theme. Further traces emanate from every subtopic and hyperlink to smaller subtopics or concepts. As you progress alongside a line from the middle outwards, you spot your unique matter damaged down additional and extra into extra exact ideas.

Each matter and subtopic is represented through a phrase, a word or a picture, or a mix of those. The energy of a intellect map is that a huge, complicated or, possibly, obscure, central matter may also be explored and damaged down into smaller, manageable and extra tangible concepts. A intellect map too can display the connection between concepts and the unique matter. Another energy of intellect mapping is that one’s ideas can grow to be extra centered upon specifics reasonably than looking to grapple with a big vacuous idea.

Essentially, intellect maps maintain concepts and data. These concepts and data grow to be extra centered and explicit as the subject turns into extra damaged down.

The thought at the back of Google Concept is that it takes the central matter and the subtopics and treats them as key phrases. These key phrases can then mechanically be utilized in a Google seek, the result of which may also be connected into the intellect map. When entire, the intellect map has no longer best damaged down the unique matter into subtopics nevertheless it additionally has hyperlinks to knowledge at every level within the type of comparable web pages.

In this fashion, a industry guy can plan a brand new challenge or discover a brand new proposal the use of a intellect map in the standard means but additionally, immediately, he has a selection of hyperlinks to comparable web pages from which to achieve additional knowledge. Including, one supposes, details about equivalent initiatives, rival corporations and imaginable possible choices.

A pupil or college child may just use a intellect map to discover concepts round a subject matter of analysis. As they destroy down the subject, Google Concept will supply hyperlinks from which the coed or scholar can achieve additional info and background subject material to toughen their learn about.

All in all, Google Concept seems to be a formidable new software with a large number of possible. As an increasing number of folks find out about intellect maps and use them, so Google Concept may just grow to be a extra herbal means of attempting to find knowledge on an ever increasing Internet.

There is just one drawback. Google Concept does no longer but exist. I write this text within the hope that it unearths its means in entrance of the fellows at Google who may take it up and invite me to talk about it with them.