JavaScript for Web Design – Advantages and Disadvantages

This article discusses the nice and the dangerous issues of the use of JavaScript to your site designs. It issues out the spaces the place JavaScript excels as a internet based totally programming language and likewise describes scenarios the place its use can if truth be told detract from the efficiency of a site.

First of all, JavaScript is a browser based totally programming language that if truth be told runs consumer aspect. This implies that any code that you simply write in JavaScript is delivered together with your internet pages and the scripts that you simply write if truth be told run from throughout the customers’ browser quite than without delay at the server this is serving the internet web page. There are scenarios the place JavaScript is a superb answer for enforcing neat options in a internet design however there also are scenarios the place the use of JavaScript can harm your internet sites efficiency. It is my intention on this article to explain the most efficient techniques to make use of JavaScript and methods to circumnavigate the downsides of the use of this flexible and robust scripting language.

JavaScript for Web Design – The Advantages

JavaScript is a superb way to put into effect when validating enter bureaucracy at the consumer aspect. This implies that if a consumer forgets to go into his title in a kind for example a JavaScript validation serve as can popup a message to let him know concerning the omission. This is a a ways higher answer that having a server aspect validation regimen take care of the mistake since the server does now not need to do any further processing. An asp or php regimen may well be written to succeed in the similar job however the JavaScript would now not permit the shape to be submitted except it used to be finished correctly within the first position, a a lot more tough answer!

Another space the place JavaScript excels is within the advent of dynamic results comparable to rollover pictures and scripted slideshows, the place its use has transform not unusual. Because JavaScript runs within the shoppers browser it may be used to modify the illusion of the customers display after the web page has been despatched by way of the server. This lets in it to create some very spectacular dynamic symbol results.

JavaScript for Web Design – The Disadvantages

One of the key draw backs to the use of JavaScript is that it has a tendency to significantly bloat internet pages. JavaScript code can temporarily upload as much as masses of strains of code if you’re the use of it to do the rest even remotely fascinating. That mentioned the issue of enormous chunks of JavaScript code is well solved by way of storing the JavaScript code off into separate JavaScript supply information that experience a .js extension. This cleans up your internet web page code since the JavaScript code is saved one by one to the HTML web page itself, leaving a far cleaner and extra readable internet web page.

Because of JavaScript’s tendency to bloat internet pages it may be very unfavourable to the quest engine friendliness of your internet web site. This is as a result of when a seek engine arrives at your web site searching for high quality content material and key phrases to decide what your web page is al about, the very last thing it desires to look is masses of strains of JavaScript code. Again, this downside is well solves by way of smartly storing JavaScript code away in script information with a .js extension and linking to the script record to your HTML paperwork.


JavaScript is a characteristic wealthy and helpful browser based totally script that if used correctly can succeed in some nice results and beef up the enjoy for the tip consumer. There are drawbacks to its use in that it has a tendency to bloat internet pages. The key factor to keep in mind is to get the most efficient of each worlds by way of the use of JavaScript code in exterior script information. That means the code is separated out of your content material so that you get all the advantage of JavaScript capability however with out the adversarial results of the related code bloating.