Logogram: Its Types, Characteristics and Functions in The Society

A symbol is an followed image skillfully drawn, once in a while with letters utilized by trade organizations and establishments as a method of id or trademark. The brand of a selected corporate or establishment is exclusive and initially utilized by that corporate. It is inscribed at the merchandise, letterheads, and on all of the belongings owned through the corporate.


1. It assists purchasers in differentiating the product of 1 corporate from the opposite. This serves as a device in checking counterfeit or pretend merchandise.

2. It is helping the producers of the product in keeping up the standard in their merchandise. This heightens the worth in their merchandise.

3. It offers details about the foundation of the product in order that consumers who’re upset with the specs of the product can relay their queries with very little problem.

4. It serves as a criminal belongings of an affiliation or establishment. Logos function symbols of authority of an organization.

5. It assists international traders and investors in briefly figuring out the house owners of a selected product in order that they may be able to do trade transactions with them.


1. It will have to be easy in design to assist in simple id and popularity through purchasers.

2. It must be capable of give fast description of the actions of the corporate or affiliation.

3. It must be extremely authentic and distinct from the ones already utilized by different corporations.

4. It will have to be horny in design, form and color (if any).

5. The form will have to have symbolic or philosophical meanings that experience a bearing with the values, ideologies and aspirations of the corporate.


There are principally 4 varieties. These are Text, Iconic, Graphical and Illustrative emblems.

1. Text brand

This is the incorporation of the corporate or logo title right into a uniquely styled font design. Sometimes, the preliminary letters of the corporate title or fashionable logo title is used within the designing of the brand. Text emblems also are known as logotype/phrase mark or letter mark. Examples of textual content brand come with PZ Cussons brand, FedEx, Dell, Sony, CNN, Nokia, Flickr, Nook and so on.

2. Iconic brand

This brand comes to the usage of an abstracted image or signal that most commonly mirror the actions of the corporate or the preferred product. It does no longer come with any written textual content or letters. It is best the emblem or icon that distinct the corporate from others. Examples of symbolic or iconic emblems come with Shell, BMW, Apple Company and so on.

3. Graphical brand

This is a graphical illustration of the actions or merchandise of the corporate. It is a mixture of each the textual content and iconic brand types because it employs each textual content and letters along with an emblem. It is once in a while known as mixture marks. Examples come with Reebok, NASA, Pringles, and Samsung and so on.

4. Illustrative brand

This is a pictorial illustration of a few side or actions of the corporate or product. It could be very complicated or detailed than the graphical and iconic emblems. Aside the pictorial element, once in a while the title of the trade endeavor will also be mixed with the pictorial part. Examples come with New Orleans brand and so on.