Maintaining Your McLane Lawn Edger

Owning a garden edger is like proudly owning a automobile. To stay it working easily, periodically you want to accomplish upkeep on it to stay it working the way in which you need. Here are the upkeep steps you want to take to stay your McLane edger with Briggs & Stratton engine in excellent operating situation.

1. Oil – When you first acquire your garden edger, you’re going to most definitely want to fill it with oil (about 2/3rds of a quart). McLane edgers don’t seem to be shipped with oil in them and working the motor sooner than you fill the edger with oil can wreck the motor. Use a man-made 5W-30 or 10W-30 grade motor oil. After the primary 5-Eight hours of operation, it would be best to empty and substitute the oil. After that, you must generally best want to substitute the oil after each 50 hours of operation. I in my view like to exchange my edger’s oil in the beginning of each mowing/edging season.

2. Air Filter – McLane edgers can include two sorts of filters – both an oval clear out or a rectangular-shaped clear out with a pre-cleaner pad. If it makes use of an oval clear out, it is very important blank and/or substitute your edger’s air clear out each 25 hours. If your garden is terribly dry and dusty, you’re going to most definitely wish to take a look at your air clear out extra steadily than that. If it makes use of an oblong clear out with a pre-cleaner, it would be best to take a look at and both blank or substitute the pre-cleaner after each and every 25 hours of operation. You can simply blank the pre-cleaner with water and liquid detergent. Make certain it’s utterly dry sooner than you place it again for your edger. You would possibly not want to substitute the oblong clear out till after 100 hours of operation. However, once I take a look at the pre-cleaner after 25 hours of operation, I additionally take out the oblong clear out and hit it in opposition to my different hand to take away one of the vital mud that it is going to have gathered.

3. Grease – McLane edgers have two grease fittings at the cutter head frame. You will wish to upload grease to those two fittings two times a mowing season. I like to recommend doing it first in the beginning of the season and the second one time midway during the season. Use #2 multi-purpose grease for your grease gun.

4. Spark Plug – At the beginning of the mowing/edging season, take away your edger’s spark plug and take a look at its situation. After that, take a look at it after each 50 hours of edger operation. After 100 hours of operation, it would be best to substitute the spark plug. Be certain and take a look at the spark plug’s hole the use of an opening gauge (the right kind hole is.30″ (0.76mm)) sooner than you reinstall your outdated plug or set up a brand new plug.

5. Blade – At the beginning of the season, take a look at the situation of your edger’s cutter blade. If it’s worn down, substitute it with a brand new blade.

6. General Maintenance – Several instances all through the season, do the next issues: (1) take a look at and tighten all bolts and screws for your edger – particularly the cutterhead pulley guard, the blade guard, and the blade mounting nut (which go through a large number of vibration all through the operation of the edger); (2) check out the pulley belt to ensure it’s not appearing over the top put on or deterioration (if that is so, substitute it); and (3) lubricate the edger’s entrance axle & wheels (e.g., the use of 3-in-1 oil or a sprig lubricant).

Performing those upkeep steps will assist stay your edger in excellent operating situation for plenty of mowing/edging seasons!

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