Monster or Mighty Mouse? Solve those URL Problems!

You’ve heard the expression, “The Great American Novel?” If

now not, a brief clarification is so as earlier than I proceed.

The “Great American Novel” is that “fast e-mail” you begin to

write that is going on for 2 displays. Or the fast memo that turns

right into a trade letter, or the solo that takes 3 entire

window scrolls to learn. Or a piece of writing that runs on a tad too

lengthy… or… oops, sorry! I assume I’ve made my level.

Anyway, the latest of my very own non-public expressions is “The Great

American URL.”

If you have not created your personal site but, and are selling

associate methods, you will have to make do with the usage of probably the most

“quick url” services and products. is a well-liked selection

in recent years and unfastened to make use of. However, everybody’s hyperlink finally ends up appearing

“ matter” and loses a little of its personal forte

within the procedure. Don’t get me fallacious, in case your url is the dimensions of

Brazil and also you shouldn’t have your personal site, run do not stroll, to

shorten it now!

However, in case you do have your personal site, there’s a fast, simple

method to conceal the ones lengthy, unpleasant hyperlinks and lead them to seem to return

without delay from you.

And it is not laborious to do!

Take as an example this fictitious hyperlink:


Looks suspiciously like an associate hyperlink, does not it.

So, how do you flip the above monster into that mighty mouse?

Click on My Computer. Open your C power. Highlight the folder to

your site pages (you do have a backup of your site for your

laborious power, proper?) Create a brand new folder inside this listing.

Give it a brief title, like RD (for redirect). Close Windows


Now, open the HTML Editor of your selection. Begin a NEW webpage. No

doubt there is a little bit of code already for your web page, like a small

meta tag of varieties and the space.

Now you COULD do a regular redirect within the BODY of your new web page,

however this sort of redirect reasons a pause because the machine stops both

in brief or now not so in brief on its method to its ultimate vacation spot.

It’s like getting from one hyperlink to every other by means of a “intermediary.” We’re

going to take the intermediary out of the equation and let your viewer

move right away to the web page of your selection.

You is not going to input the rest into the BODY of this new webpage.

Instead your whole redirecting code sits within the

portion of the webpage you might be growing.

Here’s a pattern code (do replica and stay it in your personal use):

[Note: To double test that the code beneath seems how it

must, you’ll be able to see a text-only model of this text at:


Apples For Sale

See the place I’ve stuffed within the TITLE? And I’ve copied and pasted

the monster of a url from above simply after the URL= portion of the


That’s it. You don’t upload the rest on your webpage.

Now you can save this web page giving it a brief title like “apples.htm”

within the RD folder you created for your laborious power.

Next you add it on your site.

However, earlier than you FTP it, or post it in case you use FrontPage,

you can want to create a brand new folder at the server facet (the web).

You’ll additionally title this new folder “RD” (with out the quotes). You then

add your newly created web page known as apples.htm to this new

server-side folder RD at your site.

The ultimate product? The url you can use to promote it will replicate

YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME and can glance one thing like this:


No extra worries about damaged hyperlinks while you promote it! Plus, your

hyperlink now has a extra skilled look. It takes your customer

to the place you need her or him to be, however does it with much more