My Google Wish List

There are quite a few “needs” that I’ve for Google’s long run. While I would love primary rating for all of my necessary key phrases and words, however I might be keen to accept Google acknowledging a minimum of a couple of of my needs that can get advantages the hunt neighborhood as a complete.

Google began out because the loved kid, a fledgling get started up that used to be all center, and as of late they’re a “hated” emblem. Why the autumn from grace? In many ways Google is a sufferer of the too giant, too robust, and too a success affliction that assaults firms that reach a degree of good fortune that few firms dream of. Now that doesn’t imply that I’m giving them a go, they’ve room to strengthen and I in point of fact don’t hate them. I simply assume there may be numerous spaces they might strengthen.

I sat down and wrote an open letter to Google about my needs and goals for his or her long run:

Dear Google,

Please imagine the next for spaces of growth.

1. Usenet and RSS.

Please, I’m begging, (groveling if it’ll lend a hand) create RSS feeds for Google Groups key phrase searches. Think of the price, you must track Usenet for corporate or product names the use of RSS feeds. This could be an especially simple method for companies (and Google customers) to stick in music with what’s being stated on Usenet and in boards about particular subjects.

2. Privacy Policy.

Clarify Google’s privateness coverage, and inform me EXACTLY how you will use the combination knowledge you gather. While maximum people understand that the private knowledge accumulated is of little worth, the combination knowledge is very treasured. Google is an especially robust corporate, and this collective knowledge offers them an enormous merit in negotiating acquisitions or figuring out traits. Many people admire Google, its dimension and tool, however don’t essentially wish to give a contribution to Google’s further expansion. Implement some way for patrons wishing to pay a charge, to choose to not have their knowledge aggregated or tracked.

3. Protect Your Customers.

For goodness sake, are not making it really easy for folks to tear off device firms. Why do you counsel cracks or serials at the Google Suggest device? Please lend a hand give protection to the highbrow assets of your shoppers!


4. Stop Tracking Everything I do!

I login in to Writely (now Google Docs) and really feel as though I’m being stalked, you track searches, you track monitoring thru analytics, you track promoting thru Google Adwords, you track cash earned as a writer thru Google AdSense, and now you might have attached most of the accounts in combination. Please give customers a bit of privateness, or the facility to simply set up a couple of logins.

5. Tell Me How Much I Make!

Clearly inform publishers what share vary they are able to be expecting to obtain once they serve AdSense on their content material internet sites. Now, I remember that it will range writer to writer, however reveal a spread. Or on the very least, imagine adopting a fashion very similar to Amazon’s the place publishers share of earnings earned is in response to their quantity.

6. Google Alert by way of RSS.

The present Google alert machine is from the 1990’s (figuratively talking) please be offering an way to obtain Google indicators by way of RSS feeds. I do know you’ll setup a Google News seek the use of RSS, it sort of feels foolish that it’s not to be had by way of Google Alerts.

7. Faster Blog Indexing.

Google is all about seek, proper? Why are they so sluggish at indexing blogs? In truth the Google weblog seek plays a ways worse than most of the weblog particular search engines like google and yahoo. Search will have to be Google’s energy as a substitute of a weak spot. Even the breadth of blogs searched, and the comparable blogs indexed on Google’s weblog seek are at the skinny aspect. Definitely room for growth on this house.

8. Same Rules.

I want that the principles had been the similar for all AdSense publishers without reference to the earnings that they produced. In speaking with publishers, it’s transparent that there are a special set of requirements, in response to the earnings produced or visitors {that a} web site receives. Keep the enjoying box even, if any individual is the use of a subversive tactic, they will have to have be penalized without reference to their earnings.

9. Combat second Generation Fraud.

What is 2nd technology fraud? Fraudsters bid prime for AdWords, what they’re paying for key phrases or phraseology is beside the point, for the reason that bank card they’re the use of is fraudulent. They make authentic associate gross sales in the course of the web site and make the most of their “unfastened” visitors. Google will have to lend a hand attach the dots on those websites, and ban the internet sites from their natural index.

10. Drop DMOZ.

Please both drop the Google Dmoz listing listings, or pay to body of workers DMOZ with respected editors who can stay up. The Dmoz listings are hopelessly out of date and now not reflective of present internet sites.

11. Protect Copyrights / Trademarks.

Google turns out to flip-flop at the factor of permitting competition to bid on branded phrases of their AdWords accounts. The present coverage seems to be, that competition can not use a hallmark within the commercial, however competition can nonetheless bid on trademarked phrases. An organization Google’s dimension will have to have extra admire for logos. I in point of fact want Google would stand company at the factor of logos and save you competition from bidding at the phrases.

12. Bury the Sandbox.

Dispose of the sandbox or ageing lengthen, or heck eliminate each. Face it, treasured internet sites are created each day. The Internet is fluid and treasured internet sites will have to now not be penalized as a result of their early life. The sandbox and ageing lengthen, might deter unsolicited mail websites, however there should be a greater method.

13. Let Me Be Anonymous!

Why do you want my non-public knowledge? Does it in point of fact subject within the giant scheme of the whole thing that Google does? Why do you require my non-public knowledge?

14. Stop Putting US Companies at a Disadvantage.

Canadian and non-US firms can setup actually masses of AdSense writer accounts, but US firms are tracked the use of tax ID numbers therefore they are able to best have one account.

15. Weigh Wikipedia Less.

Lets face it, ANYONE can edit Wikipedia. The knowledge learn in Wikipedia may well be correct at some point and flawed the following. Wikipedia is a pleasing useful resource, however isn’t a competent indicator of data. Please don’t use hyperlinks from Wikipedia to suggest a websites price. Wikipedia makes use of the similar fashion as Dmoz which has languished, volunteers can best do such a lot.

16. Make an RSS Search Engine.

Why hasn’t Google carried out this? I’m baffled. The weblog seek engine isn’t an RSS seek engine, imagine the ability of with the ability to seek ALL RSS feeds. There are quite a few small RSS seek engine portals to be had however there isn’t a transparent chief, that is the place Google may and will have to be.

17. Stop Buying Companies.

Stop the buying, Google is huge sufficient already. Finish the entire issues that Google has began. Keep in thoughts that whilst the archives at the Internet would possibly ultimate perpetually, it’s uncommon that businesses retain energy and clout for any duration of time. Remember Infoseek, or Altavista? Focus for your strengths.

While my Google want record would possibly appear trivial, those are all issues that Google may do to earn their long ago into my excellent graces.