Online Shopping for housewarming and weddings in Lebanon and Middle East Where does it stand today?

Why is Lebanese e-commerce so dormant?

The retail sector has advanced vastly during the last decade. Buyers are now not restricted through the bodily presence of stock, nor are they compelled to mission into their overheated automobiles, get caught in hours of site visitors, handiest to determine that the overcrowded buying groceries heart has run out in their favourite merchandise.

E-commerce has allowed customers to buy the rest they would really like with the press of a couple of buttons and a few days of supply time. Lebanon, with its expanding web and bank card penetration, in addition to its tech-savvy and stylish customers must be one of the most area’s first e-commerce adopters! Nevertheless, Lebanon nonetheless is based very closely on bricks-and-mortar buying groceries, whilst on-line buying groceries is handiest given a 2nd (3rd, fourth, or 5th) concept! So why has e-commerce in Lebanon and the Middle East lagged at the back of the remainder of the arena? Below are the 3 primary the explanation why Lebanese e-commerce has been suffering to catch up:

1- Lack of viable fee portals:

The nation has two slightly out-dated fee portals that don’t combine with the internet sites. As such, consumers are directed to exterior hyperlinks and compelled to re-enter their bank card knowledge for each and every acquire. This is extremely impractical and decreases the benefit of 2nd purchases.

In addition to the out-dated nature of the fee portals, they command a monopoly available on the market and rate exorbitant charges: $350-$500 initiation rate, 3.5-4.0% transaction charges, in addition to $35-$50/month “upkeep” prices.

Furthermore, the loss of Paypal and different on-line fee portals in Lebanon creates an immense problem for e-commerce companies.

“Ease of fee” is ranked as one of the most easiest conversion components for e-commerce companies. Lebanon supplies dismal choices, and thus on-line companies fight to supply dynamic choices equivalent to one-click buying and Paypal.

2- Lack of sensible on-line buying groceries:

Most new e-commerce companies within the Middle East were set as much as cater to the “stylish” and “hip” crowd. They be offering flash gross sales of extremely priced dressmaker pieces, indexing of unique native boutique designers, or area of interest reward pieces that cater to area of interest shoppers. Furthermore, the “outdated guard” of e-commerce in Lebanon give you the conventional on-line reward choices plants, goodies, teddy bears, and different “one-off” emotional presents.

With the exception of only a few websites, maximum Lebanese internet sites have an overly fundamental design with little consideration to practicality and element. Menus pop-up in impractical techniques, knowledge access is difficult, and maximum merchandise aren’t searchable.

Examples of those “old-guard” internet sites are:

Exotica plants: This website fees excessive transport prices, overcharges for its bouquets, and has a tendency to ship smaller and less expensive bouquets than it guarantees on-line (it is came about to me on more than one events!). Furthermore, they simply ship plants! They are one of the most easiest rating e-commerce websites in Lebanon at 1.3M globally ( They additionally take credit score for adopting the web supply gadget early, even if they have not felt the wish to make stronger because of loss of a large competitor.

Buy Lebanese: Colors, fonts, sizes, footage, and containers aren’t user-friendly. Nevertheless, they rank beautiful excessive on 2.5M globally. This crew takes credit score for being one of the most early adopters of e-commerce in Lebanon! Hat-tip to their foresight!

961 presents: now not certain in regards to the website online title, the design seems fundamental, however menu pieces are transparent. Their product technique is widely in line with plants, perfumes, cosmetics, and brandless equipment – 4.2M world rating

Examples of the more moderen “area of interest client” websites are:

Lebelik, Eezmeez, Marka VIP

Some of the more moderen internet sites have involved in nice design and feature accomplished relative luck within the hip and younger markets. Nevertheless, excluding Marka VIP which is primarily based in Dubai, none have controlled to really reach a sufficiently huge marketplace.

3- Purchasing energy is within the expat neighborhood

Businesses that concentrate on the native on-line buying energy will fight within the quick time period. Hopefully this may alternate as Lebanon progresses (confidently). However, till then, the purchasing energy for Lebanese e-commerce websites can be coming from Lebanon’s expat neighborhood searching for to supply presents to their households and family members in Lebanon. This creates a slightly difficult marketplace for e-commerce companies. How do you goal your diaspora? Who is your goal client? Is the marketplace over-saturated with one-time presents equivalent to goodies, plants, and area of interest dressmaker pieces?

How to fill the distance

As such we known the desire for the established order of a realistic well-priced website online that gives consumers sensible and high quality choices for presents or private use. The causes I consider that this kind of fashion will conquer the field’s demanding situations are:

a- The fee portal generation will inevitably make stronger, along side the marketplace’s consider of on-line fee

b- The marketplace is saturated with one-off reward pieces that usually fall underneath the plants, goodies, and conventional reward pieces. Therefore, festival is minimum

c- The marketplace has noticed top of the range dressmaker boutiques pop up on-line, however those handiest cater to a distinct segment marketplace segmentation. Highlighting the truth that the adoption of on-line purchases is on the upward push

d- There is not any website online that gives sensible helpful family presents with top of the range branded pieces

In abstract, there’s a hole in well-priced high quality branded pieces on-line within the Middle East and Lebanon. There is an opening in internet sites that offer high quality home goods equivalent to Riedel, Nambe, Pip Studio, Bodum, Greenpan, Images D’Orient, Voluspa, in addition to many different world manufacturers. Rather than sending plants, goodies or highly-priced area of interest merchandise, would not the shopper need to have a web based choice for:

a- Housewarming presents to Lebanon

b- Wedding registries in Lebanon

c- Wedding presents to Lebanon

d- Lebanese presents that don’t contain affordable chinese language merchandise, high-priced area of interest pieces, or plants and goodies!