PowerPoint Tip – Create a Video Effect

You call to mind maximum shows as being made up of slides, and maximum shows appear to be that. But you’ll be able to create a presentation that appears love it’s all one slide. You do that through making the top of 1 slide (after animation) the similar as the start of the following slide (sooner than animation). It generally is a black background, for a fade to black impact, or a picture that covers all the slide.

The methodology is time eating, as a result of you want to get the timing excellent, however it isn’t tricky, and it is a lot inexpensive than creating a video. It’s superb for gross sales shows.

The secret is animation and timing. In essence, you create a presentation that may be on one slide, however you employ a number of slides for ease of animation. Then you upload timing to the slides to transport the presentation to the top mechanically. Usually, you upload narration as neatly.

You can use many ways; listed here are the stairs to create a rather easy video-effect presentation:

1. Decide on a tale line and footage as an instance the tale. The tale I used is a airplane travel from Iowa to California and I took the footage from the airplane. In my case, the footage drove the tale, however that you must get started with a tale (shall we say, about your corporate), after which to find visuals to check.

2. Write a script and made up our minds which footage would fit with each and every segment. Then divided the script into about Four or Five slides. This would paintings for a presentation lasts a couple of mins. Add extra slides for an extended presentation.

3. Attach a mic on your laptop and open a valid recording program. I used Audacity, a unfastened audio recording and modifying program. I extremely suggest it; it is utilized by many pros. It’s additionally simple to make use of. If you obtain it, you should definitely additionally learn the directions for, and obtain, the LAME MP3 encoder, which helps you to save recordsdata in MP3 layout.

4. Record and save a separate MP3 document for each and every slide.

5. In PowerPoint, insert the best MP3 document for each and every slide, through opting for Insert> Movies and Sounds> Sound from File. (In PowerPoint 2007, Insert tab> Media Clips workforce> Sound drop-down checklist> Sound from File.) Choose the Automatically selection whilst you see this conversation field. The sound will begin to play as quickly because the slide seems. Drag the sound icon simply off the slide.

6. In Windows Explorer, right-click the MP3 document, and make a selection Properties. In the Properties conversation field, click on the Details tab to seek out the duration of the sound.

7. Once the duration of your sound document, make a decision at which level you need your photographs to look. You can double-click the sound at the slide, pay attention to it with a stopwatch, and to find out the timing for each and every phrase that you need to introduce a brand new symbol.

8. Open the Custom Animation activity pane through opting for Slide Show> Custom Animation (Animations tab> Custom Animation in PowerPoint 2007). You’ll see the sound there. If you upload different animations, the sound will forestall once they begin, so click on the sound’s down arrow within the Custom Animation activity pane, and make a selection Effect Options. In the Stop Playing segment, make a selection After Current Slide, in order that the sound will proceed during the opposite animations at the slide.

9. If you need the primary slide to vanish to black because it is going to the following slide, right-click the slide and make a selection Format Background. Choose a forged fill background of black and repeat for the second one slide. If you need as an alternative to make use of a picture, layout the background of the two slides with the similar symbol, or insert the picture at the 2 slides and ship it to the again of the order. (Right-click, and make a selection Order> Send to Back, or simply Send to Back.)

10. Insert the pictures that you need to make use of for that slide. Move them (stagger them) so you’ll be able to make a choice them in my opinion. Click the primary one. Generally, you need it to take in all the slide, nevertheless it does not need to; resize it if desired. Choose Add Effect> Entrance, and upload an impact. Change its Start solution to With Previous. For a slight lengthen as an alternative, make a selection After Previous, click on the thing’s down arrow within the activity pane, make a selection Timing, and set a lengthen.

11. If you need this symbol to vanish sooner than the following one input, make a selection Add Effect> Exit and make a selection an impact. Set the Start to After Previous and set the lengthen equivalent to the time when you need the following symbol to go into.

12. Select the second one symbol and upload an front animation. If you need it to go into whilst the former symbol is exiting, set the Start to With Previous. Otherwise, set it to After Previous and set the lengthen in keeping with the days you labored out on your script. You need it to go into when a selected phrase is being spoken. You will have to check out the end result and make changes.

13. Continue till you’ve gotten animated your photographs, exiting them on the finish, so you spot the background colour or symbol.

14. Set the timing for the slides. Choose Slide Show> Slide Transition (in 2007, Animations Tab> Transitions to This Slide workforce). In the Advance Slide segment, take a look at the Automatically After take a look at field and input the selection of seconds, which will have to be equivalent to the duration of the sound. Again, you could wish to regulate the timing somewhat after viewing the end result. Do this for all of the slides.