Real Estate Online Marketing Plan – Part 6 – How to Use a Free Follow-Up System to Get More Leads

You’ve discovered that with e mail addresses captured from web page guests you’ll installed an automated e mail follow-up gadget. You’ve discovered that almost all of web page guests who provide you with emails and turn out to be a part of this follow-up gadget will ultimately turn out to be your shoppers.

Wow. It’s like a marketer’s dream come true. Actually, it IS a marketer’s dream come true.

Here’s why:

1. You should not have to spend any time with an e mail follow-up gadget. Once it is arrange proper, you put out of your mind about it and simply resolution telephone calls from all of the potentialities calling you. (We can load in 52 emails within the gadget so each and every new customer will get a distinct e mail from you each and every week for a 12 months, robotically.)

2. It’s loose. Again, as soon as it is arrange, your emails are despatched out with none value by any means. Given the costs of stamps and stationery, that is necessary. Plus it frees up advertising and marketing price range greenbacks for different issues which can be efficient.

3. It’s automated. By this I imply: you’ll’t mess it up by way of no longer doing what you are meant to do.

OK, I understand how it really works: you are meant to make follow-up calls and mail follow-up letters, and ship newsletters on your “checklist.” But it does not at all times occur does it?

Why is it that we at all times appear to discover a dozen different issues to do after we’re meant to be following up with potentialities?

Well, do not be disturbed about it. Now you’ll have your follow-up device do all of the dirty-work for you. And it by no means makes excuses or unearths one thing else to do as an alternative of sending your newsletters and emails.

If you do just one factor with a web page, seize customer emails. If you do just one web advertising and marketing job, make it this: installed an automated e mail follow-up gadget.

If you do it proper you must be the laziest millionaire Realtor the sector has ever observed.