Steps to Install Active Directory on Windows XP or Later Versions

Are you a Windows XP consumer? Do you need to put in Active Directory in your pc? Are you skeptical about putting in the AD area in your device all on your own? AD must be put in manually on Windows XP, however it’s not as tough as it sort of feels to be. The steps fascinated about putting in the AD area on Windows XP or later are so easy that even a kid can perform the entire process. It will take infrequently a couple of mins and you wish to have now not search any assist from a tech savvy individual!

The keep an eye on panel serve as for the Active Directory Users and Groups permits the device directors to switch, delete, and upload accounts on their respective community directories and therefore, it’s an inevitable software for them. But word that this AD application is put in at the Windows Server OS by way of default. Therefore, if you wish to set up Active Directory software on Windows XP or the later variations, you should do it manually by means of the MMC (Microsoft Management Console).

So, in case you are a consumer of Windows XP or later, listed here are the stairs that you just should practice to get the AD application put in in your device –

Step 1: Once you may have logged into your device as an administrator, cross to the Start Menu and choose ‘Run’.

Step.2: Key in ‘mmc’ within the Run conversation field that looks and hit ‘Enter’. This will release the MMC application in your device.

Step.3: In the highest menu bar, choose ‘File’ > ‘Add/Remove Snap-in’

Step 4: You will now be introduced with a pop-up display screen. Select ‘Add’ on the backside of this window and cross to your next step.

Step 5: Here, you’re going to be introduced with an inventory of all to be had gear. Mark the software known as ‘AD customers and Computers’ and click on ‘Add’.

Step 6: In the following window, choose Close > OK

Step 7: To practice the brand new settings and set up lively listing, you should now reboot your device. Once the pc restarts, you’ll to find the AD software within the Control Panel, inside the ‘Administrative Tools’ folder.

If you practice those steps moderately, you’ll get the AD area put in very simply on Windows XP OS. Note that there are other steps that you just should practice to create and configure lively listing domain names on other techniques. So, you’ll want to are following the appropriate steps for the appropriate device. Moreover, there are a variety of items that you just should be ready with earlier than you cross forward with the AD set up in your device.

Thus, in case you are neatly ready prior to installing Active Directory and workout due warning whilst following the given process, AD set up shall be a cakewalk for you!