Strengths – The First Step in Your SWOT Analysis

Here are the Four steps on your research plan.

Can you wager step one on your aggressive research?





If you picked “threats,” you picked accurately.

You can beat your competition at their very own recreation. Here’s how:

Step 1: Find blogs like yours, on your area of interest together with your DA.

To do that, I am going to

Scroll all the way down to Browse Top Sites and put on your URL.

Scroll all the way down to Which Sites are Related To [Your Blog Name].

Copy the URL of the primary website online.

Step 2: Go to

If you should not have an account, make one.

Paste the URL of the competing weblog the place it says All Reports, Input Domain, Keyword, or…

Make positive the drop-down says Domain Overview

Scroll all the way down to Top Organic Keywords.

This is what I discovered:

triberr 11(6) 880

One of my competition ranks for the key phrase Triberr. He is at place 11 with 880 searches per thirty days.

I in reality have a draft began about Triberr. Suppose I sought after to overcome his place 11.

What would I do?

Step 3: Click the key phrase. At Semrush, the key phrases are hyperlinks.

You will see your whole competition that rank for this key phrase.

When I clicked the hyperlink, I noticed this newsletter at Position 2:


NinjaOutreach is a credible weblog. Would they have got a DA more than mine? Probably.

Look on the numbers within the headline. You need so as to beat the ones numbers so folks click on in your hyperlink. I will be able to in reality beat that quantity since I’ve an eight million succeed in on Triberr. Writing about Triberr continues to be an opportunity.

Notice how I now have steerage what to call my article. I wish to be certain seek engine customers see my 8M quantity in my headline in order that they click on on my publish.

Can I am getting to Position 1 so folks see my publish subsequent to Ninja Outreach’s?

Note: Semrush best lets in 10 unfastened makes use of an afternoon.

Step 4: Go to Moz’s Open Site Explorer:

You wish to see in case your competitor has a better Domain Authority score than you do.

Paste your competition’ hyperlink the place you spot URL.

At the time of this writing, Ninja Outreach has a Domain Authority score of 55. Mine is 46.

Google is much more likely to turn the Ninja Outreach article to its readers than mine.

Conclusion: At least in the intervening time, I can now not end my Triberr article.

You may ask would not Position Three be ok for me? Do I must be on best of Page 1? My solution is sure, I do.

No one will click on on my publish although the numbers within the headline beat what’s already on the net. No one will click on my article if they do not see it.

If those are your conclusions, return to Alexa and repeat the process at Semrush with #2.

Nice and simple! Rinse and repeat!