Submit Your URL to Chinese Search Engines

It is no doubt true that the Internet is ruled via the English language – it’s been estimated that 75% of all Internet pages international are written in English. But marvel, marvel – the sector’s No. 1 language relating to choice of local audio system could also be essentially the most tough to learn – Chinese, with about 3 times as many local audio system (and readers) as English. China has the second one largest choice of Internet customers on the earth (in the back of handiest the United States), and its Internet marketplace is among the international’s fastest-growing. Furthermore, its buoyant financial system is not possible to forget about – annually hundreds of thousands are added to its fairly prosperous heart magnificence. You’d be stunned at what number of Chinese can learn English – small in share to overall inhabitants, however massive in quantity. You may additionally be stunned at what number of Chinese yuppies (“Chuppies”) raise a Visa (the bank card, no longer the type of visa this is stamped on a passport!).

Do you could have a product that would possibly promote smartly in China? That’s a troublesome query to reply to, however as a one-sentence primer, prosperous Chinese gravitate in opposition to any product with name-brand enchantment or snob enchantment, and any product this is carefully related to the United States (satirically dubbed the “Mickey Mouse Syndrome” via sure resentful financial opponents). If you’re going international, you can’t have enough money to forget about China – and if your small business has a website online, it will have to be searchable in China.

Following are the URLs for web page submission to 10 Chinese search engines like google. The websites are all written in Chinese, but when you’ll be able to get previous the language barrier, anything else is imaginable…

Top 10 Chinese Search Engines

1. Baidu:

2. Sina: []

3. Sohu: []

4. Yahoo China:

5. Google China:

6. Sobao: []

7. Tianwang:

8. China-Holiday: []

9. Wangluobing: [] o

10. Sunwukong:

The first six of the foregoing are primary gamers, however the remainder are marginal and could be into bankruptcy by the point you learn this (however, you by no means know…).

Happy searching!