The Apex Effect – A Fascinating Mental and Psychological Conundrum

There is an engaging factor that occurs infrequently whilst running with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, an power based totally remedy which faucets on meridian issues to ease discomfort emotionally, psychologically, bodily, and spiritually). In the couple of years I’ve been running with other folks the usage of EFT, I’ve run throughout it a couple of instances myself. In this newsletter, I’ll be presenting some examples of this factor, speaking about some imaginable causes it happens, and noting some ways in which we, as practitioners, can paintings with the customer who could also be experiencing it.

Some examples:

— In one case, I used to be tapping with a clinical nurse of over 30 years on her knee ache. She used to be skeptical to start with regardless that when her ache eased, the primary phrases out of her mouth have been, “one way or the other you distracted me”.

— Another instance used to be when I used to be tapping on a faculty scholar’s take a look at nervousness. The scholar known as me one night in a whole panic over an upcoming examination. We tapped a couple of rounds and the depth ranking (after we faucet, we generally take an preliminary SUDS or depth studying on how a lot the problem bothers the customer. The scale is from zero to 10 with zero being little hassle and 10 being intense) went from a nine to a 4. The scholar used to be content material with that and we hung up the telephone. I were given a choice a pair days later with the coed announcing how she were given a 90 on her take a look at, nearly 30 issues upper than at the first take a look at. When I requested in regards to the nervousness stage, the coed stated very casually that she wasn’t too fascinated by this take a look at in any respect.

I stated evenly, “Oh, the tapping helped, huh?”

And she stated, “I did not actually want to faucet a lot as a result of I wasn’t that stressed.”

In a up to date instance, I used to be tapping with a girl who used to be suffering with the concept that of loss. After a few rounds, her depth stage had come method down from a nine to a few 3. Almost as all of sudden, she looked as if it would have close all the way down to the speculation of tapping and as an alternative, in a heated panic, started unexpectedly and extremely discussing her adamant trust in her faith. It used to be as though she felt like she used to be betraying her God through the usage of power paintings and felt responsible as a result of she used to be feeling reduction from it. (Which the choice that in all probability her God introduced the power method to her as a device to lend a hand along with her factor used to be now not in play at this level.)

So what is most likely occurring right here?

In none of those examples used to be EFT tapping given credit score for the relaxation. Instead, the customer veered off in every other route or tangent. Gary Craig, founding father of EFT, touches in this subject within the EFT guide and on his web site. He calls it the Apex Effect. Dr. Roger Callahan, developer of Thought Field Therapy, the precursor of EFT, known as it the Apex Problem. It has additionally been thought to be one of those mental reversal. Fred P Gallo, writer of “Energy Psychology”, similar the apex downside to cognitive dissonance, a time period coined through social psychologist Leon Festinger.

In elementary phrases, cognitive dissonance is the emotional impact of experiencing a conduct that opposes an interior perspective or trust. And normally, this can be a detrimental emotion or uncomfortable feeling.

A easy instance of this can be after we take a more than one selection take a look at and alter our solution then in finding out our unique solution used to be the proper one. We frequently react to getting the solution improper, justify converting it, really feel one thing about it (normally dissatisfied or anger), and the like. The factor is not such a lot that we modified the solution however relatively how we felt or reacted to the end result (on this case, getting the solution improper once we first of all had it proper). In this situation, the take a look at is the logical a part of the location and our response to the mistake is the unconscious phase. This constriction of common sense and unconscious (now not logical) creates emotions of hysteria, disappointment, guilt, 2nd guessing ourselves, feeling threatened (identification), denial, feeling we’d like to provide an explanation for our movements/reactions, and extra.

People do not love to really feel uncomfortable. Part of that is inbuilt – psychologically and biologically. Psychologically, we create foundations and ideology that lend a hand us maneuver thru our lives day after day. When one thing demanding situations a basis or trust, frequently the basis feels it should one way or the other shield itself, despite the fact that the new-found thought is simply as efficient and even higher. The problem reasons discomfort and we need to do no matter we will be able to to ease that discomfort.

Biologically, the thoughts purposes briefly in order that it will probably react rapid to the stimulus. When it reacts, it’s generally subconsciously. With EFT, infrequently one thing that has been part of our identification or a sense we have now had for years or a ache we simply were given used to, might expend briefly. It is recommended that our minds take periodic scans of what’s going on in our our bodies in any respect ranges (emotional, bodily, and so on).

So if the thoughts sees that at one second there’s a ache and within the subsequent it is long past, one in every of two issues occur. One, the thoughts comes to a decision the ache used to be by no means there within the first position or two, it says it’s nonetheless there. In the previous case, other folks do not recall the depth the problem introduced for the reason that thoughts did not bear in mind or recognize it. In the latter case, the ache might go back, appearing that the customer has a resistance to letting pass of the problem. (If that is the case, one way used to lend a hand get previous it, if the customer does need to transfer past the ache, is to faucet on facets, or different portions, of the core factor. There could also be different items to the puzzle that could be contributing to the customer’s grip directly to the problem. Making a listing, equivalent to within the Personal Peace Procedure that Gary Craig gifts, may well be of help to find those further facets. Another famous explanation for a subject now not clearing comes to toxins equivalent to perfumes, meals, and so on, which intrude with the frame’s power machine.)

So how will we, as the individual experiencing the dissonance, generally relieve the discomfort related to a conduct opposing our ideals? There were a number of strategies famous. One is to switch a side or a part of the speculation. For example, if we see wealthy other folks as being snobs and but we need to be wealthy however we do not need to be a snob, we would possibly search for different examples of wealthy individuals who are not snobs.

Another method is what is known as affirmation bias, or discovering causes to reinforce an current trust. This is noticed so much after we are beating ourselves up the place we will be able to all the time appear to search out one thing to enhance to ourselves that we’re dangerous.

Reducing the significance of the entire factor is any other methodology. This is also referred to as trivializing. Our instance of the take a look at nervousness case represented this idea.

Another way is to exchange the emotional response with logical reasoning. Often it’s our emotional reaction which paralyzes us. By having a look on the scenario with a bit of extra common sense, we could possibly see choices and alternatives we differently could not see as a result of we’re status in an emotional tunnel.

Releasing our attachment to the problem and the standards concerned is otherwise other folks take care of the discomfort. In this system, the customer pulls attachment clear of each the revel in and the realization.

Interestingly, the concept that of cognitive dissonance seems to be extra prevalent in societies that worth individuality than ones that worth the crowd dynamic.

The apex downside has additionally been thought to be to narrate to the clinical thought of confabulation. In probably the most elementary phrases, that is when the thoughts creates a solution (ceaselessly a lie) and believes it. It is not unusual in amnesiac and stroke shoppers as an example, regardless that somebody can confabulate. If one thing occurs the place the individual does not perceive or know the solution, she or he would possibly make one thing up and straight away consider it as reality, simply to have a solution.

Another clarification of the apex downside is that for the people who find themselves experiencing it, they’re one way or the other announcing that they do not should really feel higher for some explanation why. It brings the purpose that many problems are held in our unconscious which merely do not paintings on a logical scale. We could also be pondering with out our awareness that we need to be rid of this factor or downside, but subconsciously… we need to be secure, we could also be dwelling in our inside kid, our recollections, our identities, our acquainted, and the like.

What we as practitioners can do.

Many practitioners are involved that shoppers who revel in the Apex Effect won’t see that EFT helped them and would possibly forestall the usage of it or now not talk neatly of it. There are a number of issues the practitioner can do to lend a hand the customer who’s experiencing the impact whilst additionally keeping up the integrity of the EFT methodology. One vital level to make this is that for the EFT practitioner, irrespective of what occurs with the customer, the practitioner’s trust in EFT is important. If a shopper is experiencing doubt or disbelief, the religion within the EFT procedure through the practitioner will also be an crucial piece to the full puzzle. The practitioner does not want to vindicate it in keeping with say, simply consider it and with all power vibrations, it is going to maintain itself.

Several assets recommend that an efficient option to lower the depth of the cognitive dissonance or apex impact could also be to provide an explanation for the method to the customer; that the apex impact might occur and principally what it’s. It does not need to be an elaborate clarification regardless that simply sufficient to position the concept that into their awareness that it might occur. The explanaiont may well be so simple as: “Some other folks have skilled a speedy lessening of depth and felt that EFT tapping distracted them or that the problem used to be by no means that massive of a deal within the first position. Because EFT can paintings so briefly and works with our herbal frame energies, the depth may drop simply that rapid.”

Research within the box of psychology has instructed that the extra one thinks about the problem that they’re denying exists, the extra intense they’re about it while if they’re within the position of feeling about it, they’re much less stressed out and not more intense about it. The level for the EFT practitioner this is to one way or the other hyperlink the result of having no depth or care in regards to the preliminary factor to a few emotional state of the customer relatively than drive them into eager about how EFT helped them. If the customer did a Personal Peace Procedure listing, in all probability any other facet associated with the problem might draw the individual again to an emotional view of the overall factor. The advantage of this procedure, too, is it distracts the thoughts from attempting to determine what to do (carry again the problem or suppose it by no means took place). It additionally takes the customer again to the EFT procedure and they’ll most probably already display an depth lower in regards to the total downside and different facets.

What is vital to keep in mind is that the customer isn’t deliberately deceiving the method or themselves. We all need to really feel excellent however it additionally might come at the price of contradicting what we have now identified or thought to be a part of our identification for a very long time. While processes like EFT may give superb and quite speedy effects, the thoughts is not all the time in line or does not all the time catch up as briefly.

As an EFT practitioner, we want to bear in mind that this kind of conduct can occur and that it’s not frequently intentional. Just being conscious can lend a hand us to paintings with and thru it for the very first thing we want to do is care for an air of calm. The shopper might react in any choice of techniques – as an example as famous within the examples, denial, totally ignoring it, panic, and so on. If issues start to get heated, use some de-escalating tactics equivalent to staying comfortable, now not drawing near them (coming into their obstacles. It is recommended to stay no less than 4 ft away, particularly relating to panic), and talk in a comfortable, calm, and non-condescending tone.

The use of lively listening abilities is a brilliant best friend on this scenario. Let the customer communicate. Listen to them and make no judgments. Use open ended questions to attract solutions from them. If they’re panicking and feeling cramped within the place of work, be offering to transport out of doors or to a bigger room. Respond to their emotions now not their phrases. Rephrase statements as you already know them. And after all, as maximum EFT practitioners do, consider and use your instinct to paintings with and throughout the impact along with your shopper. Happy tapping all!

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