The Harlequin or Arlecchino – His Origins and Character

The Harlequin, sometimes called Arlecchino, and its many different kinds together with: Harleqino, Harlechino, Harlequinus, Arlechino, Arlechin, and Arlequi, is a personality from the Zanni circle of relatives, of Masquerade Masks out of the Italian Comedy – The Commedia Dell’ Arte. Zanni constitute the decrease elegance, most often protecting positions of servitude.

The Harlequin is likely one of the youngest characters of the comedy and probably the most in style thru time. The origins of the Harlequin’s title, isn’t definitive. However the title Harlequin is regarded as to be from French origins, with the title being traced again to ahead of 1100 in France, the Italian Arlecchino being traced again to 1593.

The Harlequin performs the position of a loyal valet; he’s additionally the clown, the acrobat, the comedian aid. Enter the Harlequin on level and input moments of absurdity and laughter. He is a numbskull who has flashes of brilliance, which he presentations in wit and beauty in addition to in scheming, to fulfill his personal grasping inclinations.

In his position of messenger for his grasp and within the pursuit of a beautiful girl or in gratifying his personal greed, he will get into all way of scenarios and strife. Harlequin is a chameleon, satisfied to decorate up in gown and fake to be a soldier, a trinket supplier, or put on a get dressed as a lady to get what he needs. He is absent minded, to the purpose that he may well be on the lookout for the chair he’s sitting on, and now not are aware of it is there. His consideration will also be attracted and captured, as simply as a kid’s, so what he would possibly have being doing – operating an errand for his grasp – is totally forgotten on the sight of a beautiful girl, gold or meals. He does now not believe conceivable implications or results of his movements, demonstrating lack of knowledge and naiveté. In nice distinction to his minds capability, Harlequin’s frame is agile, nimble, and filled with power and jump, acting somersaults, handstands, cartwheels and all way of acrobatics, frequently within the air, in motion.

The harlequin’s gown firstly was once coated in patches of various colors, the colors all the time darker than the background cloth. This evolved in to the gown observed in additional trendy occasions of diamonds of blue, crimson and inexperienced organized in a checker board kind trend joined by way of braid of yellow or gold, crafted into a decent becoming jacket and trousers. He hangs from his belt, which sits low on his hips, a pockets and bat/slapstick, which he’s by no means with out. Upon his head he wears a comfortable cap which has connected to it an animal tail of rabbit, hare or fox, or a tuft of feathers as ornament.

Harlequin’s masks is composed of a black half-mask and a black chin-piece. The mask brow is strongly coated with wrinkles, accentuating a somewhat quizzical arch to the attention brows. The eye holes are organized in such away as to put across and expression of astonishment, sensuality and craftiness. There is a tumor like expansion billowing out underneath one eye along side a wart. The eyebrows and beard are hairy consisting of stiff bristles. This ensemble of traits portrays one thing savage and fiendish, with cat like qualities. The masks is such that it opens many probabilities to persona and motion.