World Without End: Board Game Review

Game Overview

World Without End is a standard Euro-style technique board sport, thematically constructed round occasions happening within the fictional village of Kingsbridge, from 1337 to 1361, just about 200 years after development of the implementing cathedral referred to as The Pillars of the Earth. Players take the jobs of traders, farmers and developers striving for wealth and status whilst residing a pious and constant existence. The object of the sport is to realize probably the most victory issues. These are won principally by means of participating in quite a lot of development tasks and by means of caring for the population of Kingsbridge which can be strikken by means of the plague, referred to as Black Death. However, existence in Kingsbridge isn’t a very simple one. Players need to often fight to realize sufficient meals, display loyalty to the church and the crown, pay taxes and care for unexpected misadventures that happen randomly all through the cource of the sport.

The maximum essential part of this sport is a large, four-panel gameboard of very good high quality, depicting Kingsbridge and its surrounding lands. On the sport board there are a number of places equivalent to:

  • manufacturing areas: the Quarry (generating stone), the woodland (generating wooden) and the fields (generating grain)
  • quite a lot of development websites during which avid gamers can give a contribution with stone or wooden and acquire victory issues
  • the village of Kingsbridge with its properties and marketplace. Some of the households fall sick all through the plague and will also be healed, granting VPs and quite a lot of bonuses. In the marketplace, avid gamers can business wool and fabric for cash.

The sport takes position in Four chapters (time sessions) every consisting of 6 rounds.Each bankruptcy represents a time span of a couple of years, all through which avid gamers participate in quite a lot of development tasks, thus gaining treasured victory issues whilst additionally having to care for a number of sudden occasions. At the tip of every bankruptcy, all avid gamers have sure responsibilities. Failing to fulfill them, prices victory issues and extra consequences going on in the beginning of the following bankruptcy. In every spherical the similar collection of movements happens:

  1. The energetic participant (the one that has the energetic participant token) unearths an Event card. Events will also be fast or have a long-lasting impact until the tip of the bankruptcy.
  2. After resolving a right away tournament, the development card is orientated on a unique town council house at the most sensible fringe of the sport board. The energetic participant chooses an orientation that matches his present targets, because it impacts two parts within the sport: every participant’s non-public source of revenue in addition to a unique bonus for the energetic participant handiest.
  3. Players obtain their non-public source of revenue in step with the cardboard’s orientation.
  4. The energetic participant receives his particular bonus as he has the favour of both the Prior / Prioress, the King / Queen, the Guild Master, the Merchnats, the Earl of Shiring, the Bishop or the Outlaws
  5. Beginning with the energetic participant, every participant performs an motion card. All avid gamers have the similar set of 12 motion playing cards. These movements come with: promoting wool or fabric on the marketplace, exchanging wool for fabric (which is extra precious), development a space that gives an advantage when rented, hire as much as 2 properties, getting a grain, getting a useful resource (wooden or stone), getting piety from the cathedral, caring for sick other people, participating in a development venture contributing wooden or stone, or repeating the motion selected within the earlier spherical. In this segment, avid gamers make a choice a card to play they usually discard some other one. This method, all through the entire bankruptcy, they’ll play 6 movements and discard the remainder.

At the tip of the bankruptcy, avid gamers have the next necessary responsibilities: Show that they reside a virtuous and pious existence by means of paying 2 piety, display that they’ve sufficient meals to maintain themselves by means of paying 2 grain, and pay a tax. In order to decide the volume of tax, the energetic participant throws a cube. Upon failing to fulfil a number of of the above tasks, avid gamers lose victory issues and undergo further consequences which take place in the beginning of the next bankruptcy equivalent to shedding their source of revenue within the first spherical of the following bankruptcy or enjoying one much less motion card. It is imaginable to steer clear of the extra penalty by means of paying 1 Loyalty.

At the start of the 3rd bankruptcy, the plague hits the village and likely plague counters are positioned, face down, on every space of Kingsbridge, Each spherical, a circle of relatives in one of the most properties would possibly fall sick and will also be cured, the use of the correct motion card to offer victory issues plus different bonuses to the avid gamers who make a choice this motion. In order to deal with the sick, avid gamers should have sufficient clinical wisdom.

Now let’s undergo our standard scoring classes:


All elements of the sport are very gorgeous and of prime quality. The sport board is visually shocking, with the village of Kingsbridge and its surrounding lands gorgeous drawn, making the avid gamers get the texture of England within the 14th century.

Resources (wooden, stone, grain, wool, fabric) are made from wooden, as it should be colored. They even have shapes that resemble their actual shape, particularly grain and fabric. That is relatively uncommon in a normal version of a sport. Houses also are made from wooden and feature the form of homes, in every participant’s color. All different elements: piety and loyalty markers, quilt markers, cash and clinical wisdom are made from thick cardboard with consideration to element and with suitable shapes as smartly. Action and tournament playing cards are made from thick paper they usually deserve a unique point out. Their are elaborately designed and their background has the visible really feel of paper used within the Middle Ages That apllies to the avid gamers’ monitors as smartly. All in all, elements will fulfill even probably the most hard gamer. Thumbs as much as Michael Menzel, accountable for the sport’s art work and graphics. 9/10


World Without End has wealthy gameplay and intensity that can problem technique sport fanatics. Luck performs a task within the sport however now not in some way that may destroy a participant’s technique (no less than now not fully). After all, existence is stuffed with surprises and issues can’t at all times pass as deliberate. I feel that is the idea that the designers had in thoughts once they determined to include the Event playing cards within the sport. Some of them are truly irritating and will reduce to rubble your plans however recall to mind it as a problem in your psychological abilities. Plus they make stronger the replayability issue. The are 11 tournament playing cards for every bankruptcy and in every sport you select randomly which six of them will probably be incorporated. This method, every sport isn’t like each and every different. The sport is all about keeping up an, ceaselessly fragile, stability between catering for meals provides, cash and piety, which can be the tasks all avid gamers have on the finish of the bankruptcy. And between some of these, suffering for useful resource accumulating and gaining victory issues by means of participating in development tasks. A design part that some other people would possibly object to, is the way in which non-public source of revenue is made up our minds: by means of our fighters. It might be considered some other part of good fortune however I feel it makes the sport extra fascinating and unpredictable. Never all through any of my video games, have I felt that my destiny used to be within the arms of random occasions or good fortune. Each participant takes their flip in orienting an Event card which is a superb alternative to get what he wishes plus the extra bonus of the favour. Moreover by means of manipulating motion playing cards in addition to properties, it sort of feels that you’ll be able to be in regulate of your technique. That is more uncomplicated in 2-player video games than in 4-player as a result of in 2-player video games you are going to be controlling your source of revenue 50% of the time, while in 4-player, handiest 25% of the time. As for participant interplay, there isn’t a lot of it on this sport. Opponents’ sources are hidden at the back of particular monitors so that you should take note of what different avid gamers get and want. The handiest method you’ll be able to intrude with their plans is by means of orienting an tournament card in some way that they do not get one thing they want. However in maximum events you are going to be fed on for your personal issues and orient the cardboard in order that you get what you need. In truth you do not reallly have the time or the urge to trouble with what different avid gamers do, you might have sufficient troubles of your individual There are such a lot of issues to do on this sport, that you’ll be able to’t simply become bored with it. I’m at all times prepared to play a sport of World Without End at any given board gaming night time. 8/10

Learning Curve

Though the sport isn’t very complicated and there may be truly now not a lot to do in each and every spherical, it takes slightly time to get accustomed with all sport elements and with the sport’s strategic parts. World Without End is reasonably simple to be informed however tough to grasp. What will particularly puzzle you to start with is what your priorities should be. There is such a lot to try this choices about orientating the development playing cards and enjoying your movements will probably be onerous. After enjoying your first sport, you are going to most probably get the entire image and you are going to get started doing a lot better and admire its intensity. 7/10


World Without End is a thematic sport. This part is strongly supported by means of the textual content revealed in italics on tournament playing cards, that descibes a specific tournament from the ebook and by means of the bold gameboard that brings the ebook’s international to existence. All the mechanics also are tied to the theme, from promoting wool out there, to therapeutic sick other people and the unexpected prevalence of occasions that affect existence within the village. If you might have learn the ebook, you are going to admire the sport extra however despite the fact that you have not and you’re searching for a Eurogame sport with a robust theme, this sport is without a doubt for you 9/10


The sport’s intensity and flexibility promises that you’re going to now not simply become bored in it. The random tournament playing cards as smartly the way in which non-public source of revenue is made up our minds be sure that no two video games would be the similar. Ι am, in my opinion, greater than prepared to play World Without End at any given time. 7/10


It’s now not a laugh, in some way that you’re going to chortle whilst enjoying it, nor will it cause funny feedback between avid gamers. But I imagine it being a laugh by means of difficult one’s thoughts to conquer hindrances and manipulate the mechanics of the sport in probably the most resourceful method with a view to win. However, whining about misfortunes because of tournament playing cards will also be roughly a laugh, do not you assume?. 7/10


  • Beautiful elements
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Nice theme
  • Equally just right with any selection of avid gamers


  • Some is also frustrated by means of the good fortune issue or the way in which source of revenue is made up our minds

According to our new scoring device, scoring classes have other weights. Components have 15% weight, Gameplay 40%, Learning curve 5%, Theme 5%, Replayability 25%, Fun 10%. According to the program and the above scoring in every class, total weighted scoring of the sport is:

Overall: 7.8